Monday, July 29, 2013

Getting Crafty - Monday Made It

Today I linked up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It.
I was so excited to get my crafty on, I made three projects! First, I made wooden READ letters to put on my book shelf.

It was really easy. First, gather your supplies, wooden letters, scrapbook paper, Mod-Podge, and a paint brush. TIP- I could not find the brush I used last time, so I grabbed a cheap brush. BAD IDEA. The bristles kept getting STUCK in the mod Podge!

Flip the paper over and trace the letter backwards. This way you don't see any of the pencil marks. Cut the letter out. Paint the Mod-Podge on the the backside of the paper letter. Don't use too much Mod Podge because it makes it hard to move. Carefully place the paper down on the wooden letter and smooth out all of the bubbles. Then put another coat of Mod-Podge on top of the letter. This will not only give it a shiny gloss, but it will protect the paper from getting scratched off.

 I can't wait to put these in my classroom! I LOVE how they came out. I had some left over chevron paper, so I also decorated these clothespins.

To make these, I cut the paper on my paper cutter so I could keep the chevron design. Otherwise, it was the above. Mod-Podge the back of the paper, carefully place it on the clothespin and smooth it out, then add a top coat of Mod-Podge. I will add tacks and magnets to the back when I get back into my classroom next week.
Finally, I made this Dry Erase To-Do list. I bought a cheap frame, scrapbook paper that looks like notebook paper, and stickers. I used the scrapbook paper because the lines show up better then notebook paper. I cut the paper down to 8x11 to fit in the frame.I added the letters to spell To Do List. The stickers also came with the butterflies, so I added those too. Then I hot glued the ribbon on the back. Super Easy

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Read and Write Around the Room

Where is summer going? I only have weeks left! I love summer, but I am getting excited to go back. My kids have always LOVED to Read Around the Room.I have always given them simple pointers and told them to go look for words. This year, I decided I wanted a pointer for ever letter and I wanted recording sheets. So, I created these adorable pointers. I used a d'nealian font.

 I printed the stars off. They come in both upper and lower case letters. I ran them through my little purple cow laminator. I painted both sides of the popsicle sticks black with acrylic paint.I hot glued the stars to the sticks after they dried (acrylic paint dries fast). I squeezed it for a few moments to make sure they were on tight. To make the holder, I started with an empty, cleaned out, tomato can. I cut my scrap book paper and used Mod Podge to attach it to the can. I have not used Mod Podge before, but found it to be fairly simple. I used a paint brush to spread the Mod Podge on the back of the scrapbook paper. I think the key is to not use too much. My eight year old made one too, but hers bubbled because she used a lot of Mod Podge. I lined the scrap paper up with the bottom first, then pressed up. I had printed out an extra A,B, and C star to Mod Podge on over the scrapbook paper. Finally, I put Mod Podge over the entire thing and let it dry.

 I made a variety of recording sheets. Students can stamp the letter with a bingo dotter. I bought mine at the dollar tree. They work but when they are new, they leave a lot of ink and can make a mess. I prefer to have my students color them in. For the writing sheets, students can trace over dotted d'nealian letters.

You can find the whole unit at my TPT Store. I hope you enjoy these pointers as much as I do!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Math Freebies

I made some new math games for back to school. First, I made this dice rolling game. Dice are a great way to introduce numbers and quantities. Students can work by themselves or with a partner. There are two recording forms to use. Students simply roll the dice and then trace or write the corresponding number. With a partner, they can play yahtzee. Whoever rolls all 6 numbers first win.

You can get this freebie HERE

My second freebie is also great for the beginning of kindergarten because it focuses on Making 5. It is also great for Pres-School and 1st grade review. It is hands on which also makes it perfect for RTI and Special Education. It's a simple center that just needs to be printed and laminated and then placed in a bucket with some cube stackers. You can get this freebie HERE

You can get this freebie HERE

Please let me know what you think of these math freebies!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Time

Where has summer gone? In June I taught summer school. I taught Fountas and Pinnel Leveled Literacy Intervention all day. I love that program, but there isn't much to blog about! I have a list of projects I want to finish, around the house and for school. I only have three weeks left. I crossed a few things off of my list last night. I finally made a banner for my web page. What do you think? I thought I had grey cheveron for the background, but now I can't find it.

I also finished my domino centers. I started these last month but edited them several times to get them just right. I LOVE them because you can use them all year. They are also differentiated for all learners.

There are two different Domino Parking Lots. A blank like you see above and one with numbers 1-10. I have also included a recording sheet to. When kids record the dots and the numbers, and it helps them to visualize different ways to make a number.

I have included 3 sheets with dominoes to count and three sheets with dominoes to add. You could use these in a small group when teaching the concept. These could be used as a assessment piece. Do students get the concept? 

There are two blank sheets for counting and two blank sheets for adding. The difference between the two is one has a name for paper/pencil use and one is for laminating and placing at a center.

There are two forms for word problems. Talk about think math! In the beginning, some students may draw 7 dots and draw 7 balloons. Later on, we want them to draw something like three red balloons and four blue balloons. Eventually, we hope they will write, "I see 3 red balloons and 4 blue balloons. There are 7 balloons." This packets also includes direction for two more games and a set of dominoes.
You can get this at my TPT store.