Friday, July 19, 2013

Math Freebies

I made some new math games for back to school. First, I made this dice rolling game. Dice are a great way to introduce numbers and quantities. Students can work by themselves or with a partner. There are two recording forms to use. Students simply roll the dice and then trace or write the corresponding number. With a partner, they can play yahtzee. Whoever rolls all 6 numbers first win.

You can get this freebie HERE

My second freebie is also great for the beginning of kindergarten because it focuses on Making 5. It is also great for Pres-School and 1st grade review. It is hands on which also makes it perfect for RTI and Special Education. It's a simple center that just needs to be printed and laminated and then placed in a bucket with some cube stackers. You can get this freebie HERE

You can get this freebie HERE

Please let me know what you think of these math freebies!

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