Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Letter A , Number Anchor Charts, and a FREEBIE!!!!

This week we learned about the letter Aa. I made an anchor chart just like I did with Mm. When we did Mm, no one independently could think of a word. With Aa, one little boy said animals and apricots, which I didn't have a picture for. I am NOT the best artist, so I don't like to draw on the spot. Yes, an apricot would have just been a round circle. Next time, I will try.

We also practiced writing the letter Aa on our dry erase boards.

On Pinterest, I saw the best pic of of number anchor charts from The First Grade Parade. I loved them and had to make my own!

My honeys had a blast with these! We did a number a day and we had corresponding sheets for independent practice. Right now they are on my math wall, which will eventually become my math word wall.

Their favorite math activity was also an idea I got from Pinterest ( I LOVE PINTEREST!) I saw this picture that lead to no where so I decided to create my own. It's a simple number sense ativity. Students roll the dice and count the corresponding number cubes out. I differentiated it for the levels of learning. The first is matching the dice to a picture of dice, as seen below. The second is matching the die to actual numbers. The third uses two dice. This activity was a hit and makes for a great math center. You can get it free and my shop.


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