Monday, October 21, 2013


We did fire safety a little late this year. We were lucky to have a group of firefighters do three presentations with grades K-3. During the first presentation, a firefighter talked to kids about when to call 911 and when not to call. He talked about being safe during a fire and stop, drop, and, roll. During the second presentation, the kids got to see a firetruck. The firefighter went over all the parts of a firetruck and what the equipment is used for. The third presentation was the best. The kids got to go in a trailer home, have "smoke" fill the room, have the fire alarm go off, and crawl out. The kid LOVED it and I thought it was great practice for the kids.

In the morning, before the firefighters came, we watched a scholastic video about fire safety. Then, we made this anchor chart talking about what firefighters can, have, and are. I was impressed with how much my little sweeties knew. They did amazing. I love how they said firefighters can work in a team.Then, they filled out their own chart and illustrated it. They are starting to add words to their drawings.You can get the poster words and the student chart FREE HERE. The adorable hat came from A Cupcake For the Teacher. Later this week, I'll put up some posts from our Spooktober  math centers.

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