Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hot Air Balloons in Action

My kids loved learning about hot air balloons this week. I wrote an informative text about hot air balloons. I included real pictures from the Albuquerque Balloon International Fiesta.In the book, the students learned that the Albuquerque Balloon International Balloon Fiesta is the largest one, lasting 9 days. Today was day 5. Yesterday, one of the balloons landed next to the school. The kids loved it (and me with no camera!).

This shows one of my color saver centers. We put the balloons in order 0-10 and practiced counting. Then the kids pulled a ten frame from a basket, counted the dots, and placed it in the pocket chart.

I love how the two color balloons came out. I started by flashing the balloons cards. We counted the balloons and talked about more and less.I was really impressed with how quickly they got that concept. In small group, we pulled a balloon card and built it on the ten frame. Many of my sweeties tried to lay the balloon manipulatives the way the card looked. Some kids were ready to start writing their sums of five. The color cards are a great way to introduce that.

In centers, students practiced rolling the dice and building the number. They were allowed to mix and match the pink and blue balloons in any order. 

We also wrote about our favorite balloons. I just LOVE the pig balloon. He forgot to write the word balloon. Oops! So cute.

No day would be complete without a great craft.It was a little harder than I thought. I should NOT have cut the tissue paper for them because they had a hard time filling in the space. They look great in my window.

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