Saturday, January 4, 2014

Crafty Linky with a Freebie

Do you want to know one of my favorite activity is during winter break? Getting my Crafty on! I got excited when I saw Blog Hoppin' was having a Crafty and Creative Linky Party. I wanted a reason to showcase my beautiful snowman! The Linky party for crafting was on Thursday, so I'm a little behind, but you don't mind, right?

I was inspired to make this little guy was inspired by a penguin Laura at Differentiation Station Creations made. In fact, I felt so inspired, I made a can, two sizes of pointers, and several clothes pin clips!
Like many of my projects, I started with some Mod Podge and scapbook paper. Yes, I have tried the different sticky tapes. They are always to wide for my clothes pins.The Snowman is made out of the formula container my friend gave me. I LOVE this container because the lid is still attached. I covered the container with white glitter paper. I bought the glitter paper at Walmart. They had two sheets for a dollar. They had a nice selection of colors, including the gold that I made his nose with. The mouth an nose are made out of black buttons I had. The hat is a paper bowl painted black with a pearl ribbon wrapped around it.

The best part? The lid opens and I can put games in it! 

My daughter was having a blast with the snowflake wands and the snowman letters. She would pull a card out of the snowman and read the letter with the pointer. As she pulled out upper and lower case letters, she matched them. She is not ready for ABC order yet, but the would be another fun idea. The snowman alphabet cards an snowflakes to make pointers are your FREE end of break gift from me. You can get them HERE. It will be a great review when you go back. If you don't have a snowman, just hang them on the wall. The kids love walking around and looking for letters.

I used the clips for my winter clip cards. Can you see the snowflake on the end of the white clip? I sure hop they stay on. They look adorable, but may have been more practical for teacher only use. I'm sure the kids will love them. I made 4 sets of cards with the numbers 1-20. You can get them HERE This is the last night they are on sale for only $2.

I know it is early, but I also made some Valentine's Day clips. I made these with ribbon instead of paper. I still used Mod Podge. The ribbon, from Michaels, fit perfectly on the clip and did not need to be cut down. I may have to go bask and get it in for colors! You can get my Valentine's day clips HERE.

Be sure to stop by Blog Hoppin' to see what other fun New Year events they have.


  1. Thank you so much for the "educrafty" ideas. You are talented!
    Your TPT Friend!
    jen ;)

  2. You totally made my day! I love the snowman and it was so sweet of you to mention me :) My daughter saw your snowman and now wants me to make one for her! Such a great idea!!!

    1. I am always on the hunt for containers with lids now. Thank you for the fabulous idea.

  3. As tired I am of the snow (I"m in Terre Haute, IN),I did like the snowman container. Now I just have to find the container. Thanks

  4. I love all the possible giveaways!! I would appreciate any of them! I love your blog and have been reading all your posts! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  5. It's Hump Day lol. Love this giveaway. Good luck everyone.