Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3 Million Strong Sale!!!!

This girl LOVES a good SALE!!!! Have you heard??? TPT has reached 3 million teachers, which means it's time for a SALE!!! I don't know about you, but I can't wait to fill my cart!!!! My ENTIRE store will be 20% off. What goodies are you hoping to pick up???

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Community Workers

Yesterday, my oldest had a soccer tournament. she played 4 mini games followed by a pizza party. I spent 6 hours outside....with no sunscreen! YIKES! My nose and neck are red, red, red! Yesterdays high was only 62, but when you live in the high dessert, that is enough to burn you. I should have known better.

Today, we went to the early church service, so I could come home and cut, cut, cut! I wish I had taken a BEFORE picture of my lamination pile. My fingers are sore, but I am all ready for this week! We will be talking about community workers. My girls started playing with the some of the centers, so I have a few pictures.

My students LOVED the math mats I made for my Hot Chocolate Math unit. They were STILL playing them last week. I decided to create these adorable fire ranger counting mats. My four year old did a great job counting the trees and sorting them. Do you notice there are NO FIVES???? I'm not sure where those trees went. I'm hoping they got left at school. Did you notice that they are divided into two groups? You could also use these tree for a quick subitizing warm up at the beginning of math. 

Look at the picture on top. If you were to hold that card up in front of your class, ask your class, "What do you see?" There is no "right" answer to this. Some kids may see 7 and 1. Some may see two groups of 3 and one group of 1. Some may ONLY see 6 and 1. That's still a starting point to see numbers in different ways. Then ask students, "How many are there all together?" Once you have practiced a few times, you could start writing the addition sentence - 1+6=7. 

Once your kids start to understand the number sentence part, you can have them match the number sentence to the tree. This is NOT my four year old. LOL. I asked my 9 year old to sort them for me so I could make sure none of these were missing like my five trees! Advance students could also sort the number sentences onto the mats.

My EA and I talked about how THIS was our favorite. I was pleased that my little one LOVED them too! Addison is counting the ten frames and matching the cupcakes. Much like my Valentine's Day Ten Frame Game, there are many different games you can play and many different common core standards you can teach. Students can match them like in this picture or turn them all upside down and play memory. You can play a War game with the ten frames or numeral cards (print multiple sets). This would teach comparing quantities or comparing numerals. Do you have students who are doing well with sums of five or sums of ten? Print two sets of ten frames (or numerals for advance students) and have them practice finding sums of 10. For example, a three ten frame and a seven ten frame. 

Malia helped her sister with this game. The are matching beginning sounds and CVC words. I have some pumpkins who can not independently read CVC words, so I wanted to make sure these two activities looked similar. The distinction is in the color of the words/letters and the magnifying glassed. The beginning sounds are blue and the CVC sounds are green. It's an easy way to differentiate without making it look too different and no one will say, "But I want to do the detective..."

You can see the rest of the activities it this pack by clicking the picture below.

Do you want to WIN this fabulous unit? Simply pin ANY IMAGE on this page, leave a link to the pin in the comment section with your email, and make sure you are following my blog. I will pick a winner tomorrow.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Multi-Sensory Cards

I don't know about you, but I have been soooooo busy with assessments and report cards. At the end of the trimester, I feel a little over whelmed by all the assessments. I try to keep with my regular schedule, even when I am doing assessments. If I can, I give assessments in a small group. Most of our Kindergarten assessments have to be done one on one. I still have my kids go to their literacy centers but I do not pull my reading groups. Instead, I pull kids one at a time to do the assessment.

Well, I have to admit, I was pretty, darn, HAPPY over my DRA scores. My little honeys are becoming fabulous little readers. Another assessments we do is letter formation. That was a different story. I have a couple of kids that have BEA-utiful handwriting. They look like second graders. Most of the kids are average, with a few funky Q. What is it about Q that is so tricky??? I also have few pumpkins who can write the letters in their name....sort of.

I'm starting to panic, a little. Okay, A LOT! We only have 1 trimester left and their handwriting is NOT 1st grade ready. I wanted to come up with a fun, hands on way to practice letters ANS work on developing fine motor skills.

I created this set of three different mutli-sensory alphabet cards. I have 5 different ideas on how use them to improve fine motor skills and become better writers

This set is great for wikki-stix. Have you used wikki sticks before? You can mold them into ANYTHING! The kids love them. They stick to the sheet and then you can take them off and restick them to another sheet.  You can buy wikki sticks anywhere. Here's a link to some on Amazon. Wal-mart has generic version by Cra-Z-Art that works just as well. Students can practice rubbing their finger over the letter to help with formation and then practice writing their letters underneath it.

The second picture shows using pompoms. They have to use the tong to move the pom pom which is great for fine motor. I had told a co-worker that I wanted plastic tweezer but I could not remember where I had seen them. The next day she comes with these tongs. She had found four for a dollar at the dollar tree. I used regular size pom poms because that is what I had, but I think small ones would probably work better.

What little pumpkin doesn't love play dough? Again, this is a great way to develop fine motor skills. All of that squeezing is great for developing those little muscles! Again, students can trace over the letters and then write them with a dry erase marker.

The third set is a half page and it shows letter formation. This picture is one of the black and white versions (it also comes in color). I had the kids color this one and then write the letter with glitter glue. Once it dries, they have a nice raised surface for letter formation. The glitter glue came in a multi-pack at dollar tree. It is the perfect size for little hands.

Another use for these cards is to trace the letters in sand. Guess what? I forgot to take a picture. Okay, the sand didn't last long because it got spilled in about three minutes. I AM going to spend more time talking about the sand tomorrow and let them use it again. I will take pictures and update this page.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Fun!

February is such a FUN MONTH!!!! We have been celebrating Valentine's Day this week. 

We made these sums of 5 Valentine's Day chains. I saw a pin over Christmas that had red and green chains.  I didn't pin it though so i don't know where the pin went. I told each student to take some pink and some red strips that added up to five. After they made the chains, we practiced cutting out hearts and writing our number equations. Guess what? EVERYONE had 2+3 or 3+2!!!! Guess what my example was.....

This comes from my Valentine's Day Math Centers. We have been hard at work on comparing quantities and numerals. The kids LOVED spinning the spinner to pick more or less, then they circled or clipped their answer. 

This is another differentiated center. There are numeral cards 1-20 for students who are working on counting objects. There are also number equations up to 10. I included a picture of a cookie sheet, if you don't have any in your classroom. 

We have been working hard with our interactive word problems. The kids helped me to draw the pictures and write the numbers. We our also working on our math vocabulary by labeling the ten frame, number bond, and number equation.

This last picture is from Laura at Differentiation Station Creation.  My kids practiced measuring with her Differentiated Valentine's Day Centers, Games, and Printables. Laura included  heart measuring tape but I thought it would be fun to use these counters I found at the dollar tree.

I have more pictures of my literacy centers, but I will save those for tomorrow.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Birthday Sale and Valentine's Day Centers

Today, my sweet baby turns 4!!!!!

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My Valentine's Day Math Unit also has 6 amazing centers. Each center comes with an I Can card. This center is only sale for 3.40 as well.

My Hot Chocolate Math and Literacy unit was a HIT in my room. I will keep several of these centers out until spring. It is an amazing deal with 9 math and literacy centers. You can get it for only $3.40!!!!

My Community Workers math and Literacy Centers is another one of my newest packs. It also has 9 math and literacy centers and you guessed it, only $3.40

Today, we had a snow day. I did have a chance to introduce a few Valentine's Day centers yesterday.

For math, we used these adorable dog ten frame cards from my Valentine's Day Math Centers. The top picture shows the War game. I made several sets of ten frame cards and i glued them on red construction paper so they would not be see through. Students divide the cards evenly and place them all upside down in front of them. They take turns flipping over cards. Who ever flips over the highest quantity wins. To switch it up, you can have the smaller quantity win or use numeral cards for an added challenge.

The bottom game is a simple memory game where students can practice matching numerals to quantities. It is a great way to differentiate a center.

These two centers both come from my Valentine's Day Literacy Centers. The top picture shows how I introduced the Loving My Beginning Sound Centers. First, I pulled out the picture cards and made sure students knew what they were. Then, students pulled out the card, looked for the beginning sound letter on the chart paper, and circled it. The KIDS LOVED this. I think I will do this more often. For independent practice, I had students match the letters and pictures in the pocket chart.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Groundhog and Some Snow

On Friday, we made our predictions about the whether or not the groundhog would see his shadow. Most of my kids said YES. I *may* have convinced the last sweetie to say no just so my graph would not be off balanced. This graph was inspired by a picture I saw on Mrs. Williamson's blog Room 36.

We talked about what winter looks like and what spring looks like. I got this FREE download from Mrs. Williamson's Room 36 as well. I made up the groundhog.
Head - 1 BROWN 8x8 square
Ears- 2 BROWN 2.5x2.5 squares AND 2 PINK 2x2 squares
Paws- 2 BROWN squares 2.5x2.5
Eyes -2 WHITE 2x2 squares
Teeth 1 WHITE 2X2 square

I used the document camera to show students step by step how to cut the corners of the squares off to make round shapes. It was similar to the polar bears we made last week so the kids were able to do it.

After groundhogs came....SNOW!!!!

Ok, we typically get some snow here and usually a have delay or two every year. Yesterday, we had a wonderful two hour delay. My girls built an adorable snowman. Okay, it only stood a few inches tall. But, it was cute.

Even though we only had a little more than an inch, the girls had a blast playing outside. This is the first good snow storm we have had this year.

This is a picture one of my coworker took at her house. They got a few more inches then we did. It looks beautiful. The drive to work was awesome because the houses are spread out and the are lots of hills. It was spectacular. I know many of you have seen snow all winter and this is nothing new, but do you have views like this????

Another co-worker took this beautiful shot. Yes, THIS is the amazing view I see from my school. 


We had a normal start today, but it started snowing again AND it is suppose to snow ALL NIGHT!

Tomorrow, my baby turns 4 years old and I have a special surprise for you!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

What Super Bowl???

Okay, I know the Super Bowl is about to start and I will turn it on...later. My husband just left for an all boys Super Bowl Party, at my brother's house. I am watching Teen Beach with my girls for the millionth time. Cloud Nine will be starting soon. I haven't seen that one yet so I'm a little excited.

This week, we learned about polar bears. This all comes from Deanna's Arctic Animal unit. I LOVE this unit. It is an amazing nonfiction unit with both polar bears and walruses. I plan on talking about the walruses later this month we we talk about teeth. I happen to notice she has this unit on sale today.

These are a few more pictures from my Hot Chocolate Math and Literacy unit.My kids LOVE these centers. The top picture shows the Sums of 5 game. This game can be played like memory with all the cards upside down or an easier way is to have all the marshmallow cards facing up and the number sentence mugs in a pile facing down. Students can turn over one mug card at a time. The second picture is a great game for subitizing and working on addition. Students lay out all of the mug mats. All of the marshmallow cards are in a container (penguins and marshmallows go together, right?). Students pull out a card, count the marshmallows, and place it on the mat. Towards the end of the week, I started having students write the number equation. It is hard to tell from this picture, but there are purple and red marshmallows.

Clip Cards have quickly become a favorite in my room. They are perfect for early finishers. The top picture shows how I differentiate for students who may not know their Sums of 5 and Sums of 10 by allowing them to use counters. A lot of students on hands on and need that physical manipulative. Other students are able to look at the empty boxes and know how many more to make 5 or 10. It is all part of building a deeper understanding of numbers.

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Heart of Roswell

On January 14, my daughter came into my class after school and told me her BFF's cousin had gotten shot at school. This is how I found out about the school shooting at Berrendo Middle School in Roswell, NM. I was in shock to learn that 2 middle school students had been shot by a classmate while sitting in the school gym.

I was a Senior in high school when the the shooting at Columbine High School happened. I remember being devastated and writing letters to the families. I could NOT believe that two young men felt that they had to walk into a high school in shoot their classmates. It has been almost 15 years since that happened. School shooting seem to be happening more and more often. Rather then lay in bed and imagine what it would be like to hide kids in a cabinet or worse, be sitting helpless in a school gym, I decided to do SOMETHING.

I decided to put together a fundraiser on TPT. I emailed the TOP SELLERS and my FAVORITE bloggers and asked them to donate a product. All the money raised will go directly to the small community of Roswell.I was touched by the response I got. I had so many Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade teachers donate AMAZING products, I had to turn a few away (limit on file size).

The primary bundle has 13 amazing products valued at of $70. You can get it for only $15!!!!! Click on the picture above to go to the store. Click on PREVIEW to see all the amazing products. The preview pictures will take you directly to the store that each product is from so you can get more info. 

The 3rd through 5th grade bundle is a little smaller, but still AMAZING! You get 8 products for only $10. Click on the preview to see everything that is included.

I want to give a shout out to all the amazing teachers who donated. Without you, this would not have been possible. Special thanks to Sarah at Educlips for creating the logo.