Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Groundhog and Some Snow

On Friday, we made our predictions about the whether or not the groundhog would see his shadow. Most of my kids said YES. I *may* have convinced the last sweetie to say no just so my graph would not be off balanced. This graph was inspired by a picture I saw on Mrs. Williamson's blog Room 36.

We talked about what winter looks like and what spring looks like. I got this FREE download from Mrs. Williamson's Room 36 as well. I made up the groundhog.
Head - 1 BROWN 8x8 square
Ears- 2 BROWN 2.5x2.5 squares AND 2 PINK 2x2 squares
Paws- 2 BROWN squares 2.5x2.5
Eyes -2 WHITE 2x2 squares
Teeth 1 WHITE 2X2 square

I used the document camera to show students step by step how to cut the corners of the squares off to make round shapes. It was similar to the polar bears we made last week so the kids were able to do it.

After groundhogs came....SNOW!!!!

Ok, we typically get some snow here and usually a have delay or two every year. Yesterday, we had a wonderful two hour delay. My girls built an adorable snowman. Okay, it only stood a few inches tall. But, it was cute.

Even though we only had a little more than an inch, the girls had a blast playing outside. This is the first good snow storm we have had this year.

This is a picture one of my coworker took at her house. They got a few more inches then we did. It looks beautiful. The drive to work was awesome because the houses are spread out and the are lots of hills. It was spectacular. I know many of you have seen snow all winter and this is nothing new, but do you have views like this????

Another co-worker took this beautiful shot. Yes, THIS is the amazing view I see from my school. 


We had a normal start today, but it started snowing again AND it is suppose to snow ALL NIGHT!

Tomorrow, my baby turns 4 years old and I have a special surprise for you!

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  1. We're going to plan another bloggy meet up soon since Amy can't make it on Saturday. We'll keep you posted on the info. I'm so glad you found our post. Love your blog and can't wait to meet up to share ideas and chat! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

    A Teaspoon of Teaching