Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day Fun

I have a quick post about our Earth Day Fun today.
We made these adorable earth guys with our hand prints.

First, I did their hand prints. Then, the kids painted the earth. 

 Finally, we added legs, arms, and adorable eyes. I just hand sketched the hands and feet and I used a two circle punch for the eyes.We also made the poster. We talked about why we should love the Earth and what it means to recycle, reuse, reduce. The kids all signed the poster.

We also watched a few Youtube videos.The first one is a short cartoon that talks about different recycling projects in the classroom. The second one is a a song from Harry Kindergarten about what it means to recycle, reduce, and reuse.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Sale

My spring break has come to an end. I have to go back to work on Monday. I have so much that I want to teach my kids...but I am also ready for summer now! I relaxed a lot this week. I did some cleaning and some work, but mostly, I enjoyed time with me two beautiful girls.

Anyway, to celebrate the end of spring Break and Easter, I decided to throw a SALE....as are many other teachers on TPT. I'm starting early, today and keeping it going until Tuesday.


Here are a few products you may want to get.
 Spring Word Work

I know this one is quickly becoming a favorite. I will be making one more word work pack for this school year. I plan to continue to make them for next school year, too! I do have the Easter Word Work Pack and there are several word work components in other packs.
Community Workers

Wizard of Oz

I am trying to finish my Spring Math centers this weekend and my Beginning Digraphs this week. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Easy Spring Crafts {FREEBIE}

Last week, the teacher across the hall shared her adorable spring chic egg craft with me. I was out for meetings, so I actually had a sub do it.

How cute did these come out??? The cracked shell is painted with shaving cream and food coloring. When it dried, it had this fabulous marble effect. I thought this would be a fun craft to do with my girls this week on spring break.
My EA hand traced the chic in the top picture. I decided to use this chic in my clip art by Enlightened Elephant. The girls colored it. It might be easier to run it off on colored paper.
Then, I mixed up the shaving cream with the food coloring. The girls painted this on. Then, I gave them a second color for the marble effect. When it dries, it just looks like flat paint. If you want the puffy effect, you have to add Elmer's glue.

We kept the crafting going by painting these adorable eggs with pom-poms. 

It was a fun, easy fine motor activity. You can get both of these templates HERE free.

I am linking up this craft project with Mel at Frog Spot. Do you have a crafty idea or need some more crafty ideas? Check it out!

I also checked a few work items off my To-Do List. I have finished my Spring Word Work Centers. There are 6 word work activities to work on sight words, CVC words, vowels, beginning digraphs, and rhyming words. As always, it is 50% off for the first 48 hours.

Hopefully, I will get my Spring Math Centers posted tomorrow.

In honor of tax day, my entire store will be 15% off April 15th and 16th.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hippity-Hoppity Fun

This week, I got to wear dresses and sandals. Spring time is here. Even better, spring break is here!!!! Yes, I am finally on spring break! I am so excited to spend some time with my sweet girls AND finish up some projects. Here are some pictures from this last week.
 We have had fun this week with are new Hippity-Hoppity Word Work Centers. There are 12 CVC words where students can practice filling in the missing beginning, medial, and final sounds. My kids love using the magnets. I usually save magnets for word work during guided reading because I do not have enough for both, but I FINALLY ordered more with movie night fundraising money. I LOVE when I get extra money to buy things. There is a recording sheet for this center too. I love that the kids can get up and STAND at this center. Great way to build in movement breaks!!!
 At this center, students get to practice building sight words with these adorable letter eggs. This has been a popular center.
For another sight word center, students spun the spinner, read the word, then found the egg and colored it. There is also a color version. For that, I would have kids cover the word with a manipulative. The kids really enjoyed coloring the egg though. Plus, it is an ink saver!

 Everyone LOVES a rhyming egg, right???? I hid the eggs in the sensory table with some grass. Students found the eggs and built a rhyme. Another plus - students get to stand. Do you use sensory bins in your class? I want to create more sensory boxes with plastic containers. I was thinking rice, beans, sand, fake grass, shredded paper, what else?????

Have you tried my FREE Beginning Sound Peeps??? I love how cute they came out!

FREEBIE- Peeps Beginning Sound Match

Tomorrow, I have some great FREE crafts to show you!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Currently

I always forget to link up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for currently. Well this month, I am on top of things! I think it is a fun way to see what everyone is up to.

Listening: Today, I went and observed at the preschool. My friend is bringing the girls home later so i am enjoying some piece and quiet.
Loving: Spring is here!!!! I love the warm weather. Sandals, skirts, ankle pants, and YES, sunburns. I was coaching soccer on Sat and ended up with a lovely farmers burn. Thankfully, it quickly turned into a tan. 
Thinking: End of the year paper work, spring products to finish, laundry to fold, closets to clean....yet, I would rather take the kids to the park. 
Wanting:I have another week and a half before Spring Break!!!! We aren't going any where this year...saving up for Florida in June. I want to go to the zoo and children's museum.
Needing: I don't want to clean my house!!!! I need to organize EVERYTHING, clean out closets, get ready for a garage sale, shampoo carpets...the list goes on and on and on!
Last Days: After Spring Break, I only have 5 weeks!!!! It is going to fly by.