Monday, May 26, 2014

Top Ten Things I Want to Do This Summer

I LOVE my job....but I am so excited for summer!

Shhh...don't tell my students the teachers are just as excited as they are!

I have so much that I want to do. I thought it would be fun to link up with Deanna Jump for her Top Ten Things I Want to Do This Summer.

1. SWIM! The girls and I LIVE in the pool during the summer. In fact, we will be having a pool party this afternoon.

2. Read - I LOVED The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Now, I am reading Looking For Alaska by John Green. I will also be reading Maze Runner for book club. I have to throw in some happy reading too. And of course some professional development!
Front Cover      

3. Organize Something happens to my house during the school year. It becomes a MESS! I need to go through all of the closets in my house and all of my crafting supplies. I want my house to look like this.

Dressing design storage ideas | Dressing room | Luxury Lifestyle, Design & Architecture blog by Ligia-Emilia Fiedler

Organized closet for little girls

Small Organized closet | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Organized closet. relatively the same idea just different names and , we have no kids. lol

I know, I know, it's a lot. I get motivated by Pinterest. I will take before and after pictures for you.

4. Craft It Up! I love to scrapbook and make cards. I have a Cricut, a Sizzix, and a million stamps. Unfortunately, my crafting station is such a mess, I have not used any of it in a long, long, time. Like two years, minus a few small projects. After I get everything organized (top priority), i want to start scrapbooking and making cards again.

Soak Up the Summer -

Create Sunglasses for a Summer Scrapbook Page

Simple Summer Scrapbooks Kids Can Make

Yes, I want to scrapbook with the girls, too! I will post pictures, promise!

5. Fun With My Girls My girls and I love to do crafts, play games, and play outside. Not going to lie. One of my favorite parts about summer is spending time with these two!

Yes, my camera is still missing and this is how bad my cell phone pics are!

6. Meal Planning Do you meal plan? I try to, but I don't stick to it because I forget we have something going on one night and the meal I planned will take to long. Or, I have to run to the store middle week because I forgot something. This summer, I want to get in the habit of planning all of my meals, making a grocery list, and sticking to it. 

How to Meal Plan: A Clean Eating Primer from Real Food Real Deals #healthy #recipes #mealplanning

Meal planning menu board #DIY ... great way to stay on track all week with healthy options planned out ahead of time.

7. Stay/Get Fit Not going to lie. I may have gained a few pounds this year. I did not eat as well as I should of. I did not work out as often as I should have. I let stress get the best of me. I have been doing better in the past few months and plan on continuing on this path. 

Inspirerende Fitness Quotes - Girlscene

8. Craft my Classroom Pinterest has me excited to give my classroom a makeover. I can't wait to my crafty on!
Maybe use different colors but its a cute way to update a rocking chair!
I have a rocking chair that needs a makeover. 

Directions for how to make pocket chart stands for the little Target dollar pocket charts.
I have always wanted to make one of these!

i really love how cozy this classroom library is!
I LOVE this picture!!!!

9. DIY Yard Makeover This will be our 5th summer in our house. We build it so it came with a small, dirt filled yard. Every year, we add a little more. Last year, we added grass. It died. So sad. My husband will work on that. I want a vegetable garden. 
I would really LOVE to make my own garden for freshness, more flavor, safety and self sufficiency it offers.

10. Florida At the end of June, we are going to Florida. That means Beach Time and Disney Time!!!!
Key West, one of our "Top 10 Florida Beaches"

What are your summer plans????

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day Sale anyone still out there???? 

Oh, poor, sweet blog, how I have neglected you this month. I have been so busy with my girls. We had a soccer tournament and a piano recital. My brother moved here with his wife and new baby...the list goes on and on. Oh, did I mention, I still TEACH???? We have had so much fun this past month. Would you like to see a some photos? Well you can't. My little  camera has DISAPPEARED!!!! I have no photos to document our last month of school.  So, so sad. 

I will make it up to you with...a SALE!!!!

These cute graphics come from Educasong and border is from Dots of Fun

The sales runs through Monday. Also on Monday, I will have ANOTHER SURPRISE for you. Stay tune!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Centers, Ice Cream Centers, and a Sale

It is Teacher Appreciation Week!!! Have your kids told you how much they appreciate you? Our PTO does something special everyday for else. Yesterday, we had a HUGE breakfast. Today, we got lattes.

I posted my Spring Word Work and Spring Math Centers a few weeks ago, but I haven't shown you any pictures. I actually haven't been very good at TAKING pictures lately.

For the CVC Word Work, I made a set missing beginning, middle, and ending sounds. Each set is a different color to make it easier to differentiate.

 This is an adorable rhyming center. Students match the watering can to the rhyming flower.
 Students can also practice building their sight words with these adorable flower pots. There is a recording sheet for students to practice writing the word,s too.
There are 6 different centers with I can cards that tell the Common Core Standard addressed. Students will work on CVC words, sight words, rhyming words, vowels, and beginning digraphs.

 Students can practice building their teen numbers with the Rainy Day kids.
 Students can catch numbers that are more than ten and less than ten.

Students can practice adding their numbers. I found these adorable flower counters at the dollar tree. It is the prefect way to help support students who may need some extra support with adding their numbers.

There are eight engaging, hands on Math Centers that go with the Kindergarten Common Core Standards.

I just posted my Ice Cream Centers.
 There four Literacy Centers and three Math Centers designed to grow with your Kindergarteners.
 They can work on matching upper and lower case letters with beginning sounds. There are also centers for CVC words, sight words, and rhyming words.
As you can see, my ink desperately needs to be replaced. It must be the end of the year! I LOVE to subitize!!!! There are ice cream cones for the numbers 1-10. Each cone gets three scoops that show different ways to make 10.
As a bonus, you can mix and match the ice cream scoops to show different way to make the number.

This picture has better color. This is another center for subitizing. It shows how to make a number with dice, dominos, and ten frames.

Best part of all???? They are 50% off like all of my new centers!!! Plus, if you enter in code TPTXO for ADDITIONAL savings!!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mother's Day Linky

Good Morning friends! I know, it has been awhile. What is it about the end of the year that has time FLYING by??? Last week, I started end of the year assessments!!!! I cannot believe this year is coming to an end. We have so much going on during our LAST 14 days! Next week, I have meeting two mornings and I will spend an entire day at preschool. I LOVE going to the preschool and meeting some of my future Kinder darlings. However, that leaves with only two days to work on my Mother's Day gift. I am spending my Sunday morning looking for the PERFECT Mother's Day gift idea.

How to Decorate a Flower Pot for Mother's Day craft ... tutorial on getting kids involved in creating a garden gift for mum. | The Micro Gardener

I usually have my kids paint pots like this. We grow marigolds to plant in them. This year, we  ran out of time and never grew flowers. You can find out all about this picture HERE.

Mother's Day~Lindsey, this reminds me of you!  We still have G's from his infant days and I smile every time I see it in our kitchen.  My favorite mom's day gift ever--unless my husband buys me that ginormous diamond ring ;)...

I did find this version with kids faces instead of flowers. You can find out more about this picture HERE.

"Home is Where Mom Is" Popsicle Stick Mother's Day Craft #card idea

I LOVE this simple card. You can find it HERE.

Mother's Day Crafts

I think I would add a picture to this one. I like the pink and yellow popsicle sticks together. It makes a great contrast. This pin doesn't take you anywhere, but HERE is the pin link.

cute! Craft Stick Folding Mother's Day Card Craft.  This site has many different mother's day kid friendly art and craft ideas for making a mother's day gift or card

This one might be my favorite, but it might be to hard for Kindergarten. You can find it HERE.

Seriously love this - with my addiction to sweet tea and all....

Mother's Day Tea Cup Card...I have a different poem that I put with it. It's nice and simple for little fingers

Adding a heart to a teabag would be simple enough, but it would need to go with something else. I like the little tea cup card. You can find the teabag HERE. You can find out about the tea pot HERE.

Top 25 Disney Mother's Day Crafts and Recipes from Disney Family

I love these muffins made with different scrapbook patterns. I could easily make them on my Cricut, but it doesn't feel kid made. Maybe I'll make this for my mom! You can find the card HERE.

Mother's Day gift basket with streamer paper flowers (pre made flowers, kids decorate holders and insert flowers)

This would be a sweet, simple gift to make. This was another picture pin. You can find the pin HERE.

What about you??? What are YOU going to make with your kids this year? Link up your FABULOUS Mother's Day gift ideas below.