Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mother's Day Linky

Good Morning friends! I know, it has been awhile. What is it about the end of the year that has time FLYING by??? Last week, I started end of the year assessments!!!! I cannot believe this year is coming to an end. We have so much going on during our LAST 14 days! Next week, I have meeting two mornings and I will spend an entire day at preschool. I LOVE going to the preschool and meeting some of my future Kinder darlings. However, that leaves with only two days to work on my Mother's Day gift. I am spending my Sunday morning looking for the PERFECT Mother's Day gift idea.

How to Decorate a Flower Pot for Mother's Day craft ... tutorial on getting kids involved in creating a garden gift for mum. | The Micro Gardener

I usually have my kids paint pots like this. We grow marigolds to plant in them. This year, we  ran out of time and never grew flowers. You can find out all about this picture HERE.

Mother's Day~Lindsey, this reminds me of you!  We still have G's from his infant days and I smile every time I see it in our kitchen.  My favorite mom's day gift ever--unless my husband buys me that ginormous diamond ring ;)...

I did find this version with kids faces instead of flowers. You can find out more about this picture HERE.

"Home is Where Mom Is" Popsicle Stick Mother's Day Craft #card idea

I LOVE this simple card. You can find it HERE.

Mother's Day Crafts

I think I would add a picture to this one. I like the pink and yellow popsicle sticks together. It makes a great contrast. This pin doesn't take you anywhere, but HERE is the pin link.

cute! Craft Stick Folding Mother's Day Card Craft.  This site has many different mother's day kid friendly art and craft ideas for making a mother's day gift or card

This one might be my favorite, but it might be to hard for Kindergarten. You can find it HERE.

Seriously love this - with my addiction to sweet tea and all....

Mother's Day Tea Cup Card...I have a different poem that I put with it. It's nice and simple for little fingers

Adding a heart to a teabag would be simple enough, but it would need to go with something else. I like the little tea cup card. You can find the teabag HERE. You can find out about the tea pot HERE.

Top 25 Disney Mother's Day Crafts and Recipes from Disney Family

I love these muffins made with different scrapbook patterns. I could easily make them on my Cricut, but it doesn't feel kid made. Maybe I'll make this for my mom! You can find the card HERE.

Mother's Day gift basket with streamer paper flowers (pre made flowers, kids decorate holders and insert flowers)

This would be a sweet, simple gift to make. This was another picture pin. You can find the pin HERE.

What about you??? What are YOU going to make with your kids this year? Link up your FABULOUS Mother's Day gift ideas below.


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