Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Centers, Ice Cream Centers, and a Sale

It is Teacher Appreciation Week!!! Have your kids told you how much they appreciate you? Our PTO does something special everyday for else. Yesterday, we had a HUGE breakfast. Today, we got lattes.

I posted my Spring Word Work and Spring Math Centers a few weeks ago, but I haven't shown you any pictures. I actually haven't been very good at TAKING pictures lately.

For the CVC Word Work, I made a set missing beginning, middle, and ending sounds. Each set is a different color to make it easier to differentiate.

 This is an adorable rhyming center. Students match the watering can to the rhyming flower.
 Students can also practice building their sight words with these adorable flower pots. There is a recording sheet for students to practice writing the word,s too.
There are 6 different centers with I can cards that tell the Common Core Standard addressed. Students will work on CVC words, sight words, rhyming words, vowels, and beginning digraphs.

 Students can practice building their teen numbers with the Rainy Day kids.
 Students can catch numbers that are more than ten and less than ten.

Students can practice adding their numbers. I found these adorable flower counters at the dollar tree. It is the prefect way to help support students who may need some extra support with adding their numbers.

There are eight engaging, hands on Math Centers that go with the Kindergarten Common Core Standards.

I just posted my Ice Cream Centers.
 There four Literacy Centers and three Math Centers designed to grow with your Kindergarteners.
 They can work on matching upper and lower case letters with beginning sounds. There are also centers for CVC words, sight words, and rhyming words.
As you can see, my ink desperately needs to be replaced. It must be the end of the year! I LOVE to subitize!!!! There are ice cream cones for the numbers 1-10. Each cone gets three scoops that show different ways to make 10.
As a bonus, you can mix and match the ice cream scoops to show different way to make the number.

This picture has better color. This is another center for subitizing. It shows how to make a number with dice, dominos, and ten frames.

Best part of all???? They are 50% off like all of my new centers!!! Plus, if you enter in code TPTXO for ADDITIONAL savings!!!!

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