Friday, July 25, 2014

Back to School Shopping with a Freebie

Have you started shopping yet???? I have done a little, light shopping. 

First, I went to Target.
  1. Hand print die-cuts. I am going to put them on the door with letters now and words later. When kids come in the room, they have to give a high five and say the letter/word.
  2. Erasers for the prize box.
  3. I probably don't need these buckets, but they are CORAL and MINT. Need I say more?
  4. Cake die-cuts for birthday bags. I'm not sure yet what I will do with the stars. 

Next up, Wal-Mart.
  1. How much do you LOVE these thumbs-up post-its??? I like the idea of asking kids about their opinion and having them give a thumbs-up or down. Or maybe asking if a picture sort is right or wrong. So many ideas!
  2. I LOVE these labels. I am going to use them to label cubbies AND to label boxed in my craft closet.
  3. Polka-dot planner. LOVE IT. I wanted a bigger planner so I can put post-its in it. I also bought a big stack of post its.

The last stop was the Dollar Tree and I FINALLY found ice cub trays with 10 spots!!!! I have seen bloggers say they found them there, but I have never been able to find them. Until, Tuesday. They are in the Luau section. I created some number and ten frame cards to go with them.

Students can take a number card or a ten frame card, build it in the ice tray, then color it on the recording sheet.

I didn't stop there. I made some sums of 10 cards to go with it. I will use it in the spring my my class, but if you teach 1st grade, you could use it when you come back.

Best part. you can get it FREE on my Facebook page. You just need to like my Facebook page and then click on the Facebook Fan page.


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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Christmas in July Sale

Wow, can you believe Christmas will be here in 6 months???  I love Christmas time. There is something magical about.

 I might have even watched a Christmas movie on Hallmark channel recently. 

Maybe two movies.

I know, I know, it's 100 degrees outside and I am talking about Christmas. But isn't it a great reason to have a SALE??? 

EVEN better, I asked my friends to join me to celebrate Christmas in July.Today and Tomorrow, my ENTIRE store is 20% off.

That means, you can get my Beginning Sounds Mega Pack for only $8!!!

Today is the last day to get my Back to School Math for 50% off.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Wednesdays - March

Are you ready for some more steals???This is the week I KNOW you have been waiting for. MARCH!

I have my St.Patrick's Day Math Centers on sale for 50% off. That is 11 centers for ONLY $3!!!

This little domino leprechaun may be my most pinned pic EVER!

Your kids will LOVE these fun St. Patrick's Day Math Centers. 

Check out all of these other March products that you can get for 50% off.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Made-It - Teacher Toolbox

I have a confession. I am NOT the most organized teacher, but I am working on it. Last year, I always had people ask me where this or that was. it wasn't all in the same place. I couldn't find something when I needed it. Some items were at my desk, some where at my guided reading table. This year, I think I am ONLY going to have a Guided Reading table. Anyway, I LOVE the idea of a teacher toolbox to keep everything together.

This weekend I went 3 different store to find the PERFECT teacher toolbox. I started at Wal-Mart. They didn't have anything close to what I wanted, but I did pick up the Scotch Expressions tape that I used. It was on clearance. It looks great, but I won't buy it again. Then I went to Lowes. They only had tall ones and I wanted a wide one. They did have great spray paint that matched the tape. I ended up at Home Depot with this beauty.

It is pretty easy to take out all of the drawers and spray paint. I have done a LOT of spray painting this summer and I have to say, this spray paint was my FAVORITE. It was Valspar paint and primer in one. I did not have to spray it a million times like I did with the cookie sheets. The color came out just like the lid.

I downloaded the cards free on TPT HERE. I liked them because they were in word and I could edit the font. I wanted blank ones so that I could use the tape, but you can find other free ones on TPT with borders. Just type Teacher Toolbox into the search engine. I bought the tape on clearance at Wal-mart. I thought it would be like the washi tape, but ti wasn't. It was like regular scotch tape with designs. It was hard to move when I put it on crooked. It also didn't cut as easily as washi tape. At one point, the tape split. I won't buy it again. I do like the colors though.

When you look at the toolbox, it does not look long enough to hold sharpies, but it is.

The final product is BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE it and can't wait to put it in my classroom.

While I was out this weekend, I bought PVC pipe to make an anchor chart stand, but my husband hasn't had a chance to cut the pipe. Maybe I will surprise you with it tomorrow.

Be sure to check out who else linked up with Tara for Monday Made It!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Wednesdays - February

I LOVE the month about LOVE. Isn't February such a fun month???? Now is the the time to share and buy your favorite February activities for 50% off!

 You can find previous posts about the centers:

I love my Valentine's Day Math Centers. You get 6 fabulous math centers for only $3! 

There are also 6 activities in my Valentine's Day Literacy Centers for $3.

Now, you can share and buy you FAVORITE Valentine's Day activities.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sight Word Practice During Guided Reading

On Friday, I wrote a post about how I teach sight words in the classroom. If you missed it, you can read about here

While I do teach sight words in a whole group setting, I find it more powerful to teach them in a small group, based on the books that we are reading. I think sight words are more meaningful when they are tied to a book.

I spend 2-3 minutes at the beginning of each lesson working on sight words.When I introduce a new book, I pick out a sight word or two to focus on. I also review 2-3 words we previously worked on. One activity I like to do is to  place letters at the bottom on a magnetic dry erase board. I say a word, and students build it. If I suspect that the sight word is not mastered, I may write on the board or show them a card with it. Students build the word, then write the word.  

I also make sight word bags for students to work on in guided reading. I place 5-6 word cards and magnetic letters needed to build the word into a pencil bag. In the beginning of the year, I differentiate the bags based on group. As the year progresses, I make individual student bags. You can get these Super Sight Word cards FREE HERE.

When a student is reading, I do not like to stop them, even when they get a word wrong. I want to teach students to monitor for themselves. I make notes during my running record and then go back after they finish to look at any mistakes and talk about reading strategies. 

When we go back, I may ask them to find a sight word. It is a lot more fun to find a sight word with a pointer.

Pointers make EVERYTHING more fun. I bought the star pointers on clearance at Michaels. I found the magnifying glasses at Dollar Tree. i made the eye pointers on the left and I bought the pointer on the right at Michaels.

This is an example of a cut up sentence that I often make with the kids during Guided Reading. After we rebuild a sentence, I ask, "Who can show me the word see?"

This last idea came from my training as a Reading Recovery teacher. I have adapted it slightly to work in a small group. On the right, is the student's sentence - I see the dog. On the left, you can see the work we did together to make the sentence correct. The student didn't know how to write the, so wrote it, and then told the student to write it 5 times. Sometimes, I have them write is three or four times. There is no set number of times to write it. The work in a pencil is the students and the marker is mine. I also use the practice page for sounding out words with elkonin boxes and for letter formation practice. 

Once I start teaching guided reading in my classroom, I will share more detailed lessons with you all.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Crafty Classroom Ideas for Literacy

Summer is the perfect time to get you crafty on. Today, I created sand tracing trays, talking phones, and pointers. Most of the supplies I had on hand or purchased at the Dollar Store.

I bought sand, a cake pan, and clothespins from the Dollar Tree. The paper, washi tape, and ModPodge, I already had on hand.

First, cut the paper down to fit the paper. Then, attach the paper to the cake pan with ModPodge. Decorate the clothespin with Washi Tape. Hot glue the clothespin to the cake pan to hold letter tracing cards.

I added sand, a paint brush, these letter tracing cards. The cards are available in color or black and white. They are both Print and D'nealian.

I used the same cards to make these glitter glue cards. I printed the cards off on cardstock and colored them myself. Then, I added glitter glue. After the glue dries, students can trace over the letters, following the number direction. You can get these cards HERE.

Fine Motor Cards

Next, I made whisper phones this week. It was really easy. Why did I wait so long?

Shopping List
1. PVC pipe 3/4 inch width
2. PVC elbows 3/4 inch width
3.Decorative tape

I made asked my husband to cut the long pipe into 3 /12 inch long pieces. Then, you can stick the elbows on.Finally, you wrap the tape. I have a secret about the tape. It isn't washi or duck tape. It is decorative packaging tape. Best part, it is CHEAPER then duck tape or washi tape. In was only $2.50ish and it came with more tape than the $4 duck tape. I bought it at Walmart and they have several different patterns, but this was the only polka dot. I'm hoping to find another polka dot pattern in a different color.

 Finally, I made these cute eye pointers that I have seen all over Pinterest. I found the colored Popsicle sticks at the dollar tree. I lined them up in an assembly line. I added a dot of glue and a little eye. It took all of 2 minutes. I LOVE them! Kids can point to words while they read or look for letters and words around the classroom. They are a classroom hit.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Sight Words in the Classroom {FREEBIE and GIVEAWAY}

How do you teach sight words? Do you teach them in isolation, based on a reading program? Or do you tie it to the book? I do a little of both.

I start by teaching the words I and am. The amazing Kindergarten teacher next door gave me this idea.
In stead of traditional name tags, I always start the year with these name tags. It helps kids to learn their name, two sight words, directionality, and one to one correspondence. PERFECT for early literacy skills.

After those two words, I do teach sight words in order based on our reading program BUT I also put a lot of focus on pulling words from the books the kids are reading.

For the word of the week, I created these Super Hero Sight Word Worksheets.

I am NOT a  fan of worksheets. I do not believe in "busy" work. I honestly do not even do the typical morning work. I keep my kids engaged with hands on activities in the morning. I do, however, recognize that kids DO need to practice writing  and cutting. Worksheets do help to teach those skills. I typically place one worksheet at my word work center each week. I'm not going to lie, my kids love worksheets. They often do the new worksheet the first day I place it at the center.

I used 55 words, including all of the pre-primer words, in this pack. You can click below to see a list of all of the words. I made on set in D'nealian and one set in Print.
Super Sight Word Printables - D'Nealian
Super Sight Word Printables-Print

This is another idea from the teacher next door. On Wednesdays, our short days, she has the kids where a sight word badge. Throughout the day, adults and students ask the child to tell them the name of their word. In the beginning, all of the students have the same word, but as the year goes on, I start to differentiate, based on student needs. I made this with my Cricut and I change the die cut every few weeks, based on the season.

This idea came from Orton Gillingham. They use red words, but my kids make rainbow words. I made little books with three blank lines on each page. You place a plastic screen under the page so that when kids write, it is bumpy and textured.

You can get the little book FREE HERE.

Students also practice sight words during Word Work. I have started putting together packets dedicated just to Word Work  and they include sight word practice. I will continue to create more activities for sight words.

Spring Word Work

September Word Work

I also like to use videos to practice sight words. There are great DVDs and FREE YouTube resources.

Have Fun Teaching has a LOT of FREE Sight Word Videos on YouTube.

I also have two of Heidi's DVD's, Sing and Spell 1 and 2. I bought them on Amazon here. My kids LOVE these. You can find a few of her videos on YouTube, too.

Ready for the GIVEAWAY????

You can win a copy of one of my Super Hero Sights Words. Go to my Facebook page, make sure you like my page, and then comment on the Sight Word Hero picture AND tag a friend. Be sure to say if you want the D'nealian or Print.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I also teach sight words during reading groups based on the books we are reading. It is ESSENTIAL to attach sight words to reading and writing. Tomorrow, I will share with you all how I work on sight words in small group.