Friday, August 22, 2014

5 for Friday

I am tired. I had the best week with my adorable Kinders. I LOVE them. This may possibly be my best class ever.
But, they 

I have been going so fast, I haven't even thought about blogging. 

I decided to link up Doodle Bugs to share 5 things from my fabulous week.

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First off, my Kinder team and I took the challenge. The ALS challenge. I am the short one on the right. The two teachers that are dumping the bucket {Tub?} of water are also amazing Kinder teachers that didn't want to get wet.

It was cold. It was fun. It was for a good cause. It was cold. The New Mexico winds filled the bucket with sand before it got dumped on our heads. Did I mention it was cold???

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On the first day of school, we we read The Kissing Hand.
Then we searched the school for Chester. We visited the front office, the cafeteria, the gym, the art room, the music room, the library, and the nurse. At each stop, We found a sweet note that Chester left , telling us where to visit next.
When we got back, there was one last note.

And we enjoyed these yummy cookies. I had seen hand shaped cookies on Pinterest, but I could not find a hand cookie cutter. I think these heart shaped ones came out fabulous.

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I wanted to see right away who could cut, so we made these adorable crayon friends.

You can get these crayon friends FREE from Cara Carroll HERE.

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We started with some simple math centers that focused on one to one. I walked around the room and took notes on who had one to one correspondence. 

My kids have had a blast with this star stacking freebie. You can get it here.

Both of these activities are from my Back to School Math Centers.

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I started to introduce a few activities that will become our first word work activities. I put one activity at each table. I have four students at each table. They covered up the matching letters with these adorable bus erasers. This was a hit.

During circle time, I passed out these adorable chalkboard letters. We sang the abc song to put them together in alphabetical order. It went surprisingly well. You can find both of these in my Back to School Word Work.

Okay, I am beat! Time to put my feet up and relax.

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