Thursday, October 30, 2014

Spiders and Freebies, Oh, My!

I LOVE this time of year. It is so FUN to teach about spiders and pumpkins. I am running behind though.I thought I would get to spiders last week and pumpkins this week. Oops! We will continue to learn about pumpkins next week. It's still fall, right?

We have been learning all about spiders. We have read non-fiction text and fiction text.

I LOVE all of the National Geographic Kids Books. The Spider one is no exception. They all include useful vocabulary and amazing photos.  You can get them at Amazon or Scholastic.

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle is always a class favorite. The sequencing page is from Vickie Plant and you can get it here. Her Fall Sequencing Pack is for three stories and has both cut and paste and color images. LOVE IT!

How cute is this poem? I got the idea from this pin. I didn't actually click on it because it says it is spam. We went on the highlight the rhyming words and found sight words.

 I made this Interactive Spider Book to work on number sense 1-5. You can get it FREE here. This book is really easy to make. Print, cut in half, staple. You could use it tomorrow if you want to.

Looking for more interactive math books?
7 interactive math books number sense, number writing, one more, sums of 3, sums of 4, sums of 5. Halloween theme.:
Halloween Interactive Math Book

Fall Interactive Math Books. Work on number sense, number writing, sums of 3, sums of 4, sums of 5:
Fall Interactive Math Book

This is a FREEBIE I made last year. it came in both color and black and white. I made it in black and white to save ink. Be sure to leave me some feedback letting me know how much you LOVE it!

 This a fabulous FREEBIE is from K is for Kinderiffic. She has several different color versions, but again, i went for black ink and purple paper.

This spider activity is great for introducing addition and developing number sense. It is a class favorite right now. It is from my Spooktober Centers.

These are a few more photos from my Spooktober Centers.

Finally, to celebrate Halloween, I am having a one day Halloween sale.

 EVERYTHING is 20% off starting a midnight tonight.

You can go straight to my store by clicking HERE. Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fall Favorites Blog Hop

I am so excited to be joining an amazing group of bloggers for a Fall Favorites Blog Hop.Each blogger has fabulous ideas, giveaways, and freebies!

I have SO MANY Fall and Halloween products, I can't pick just one! I am sharing a few of my favorite, with some links to freebies AND three lucky people will win $10 to my store!

My Fall Read, Write Build is PERFECT for fall in Kindergarten. There are two emergent readers. One is for Fall and one is for Thanksgiving (yes, it IS almost T-day!) There are also 30 vocabulary cards, 10 cut and paste printables, 8 writing prompts, and sight word cards. I am showing the D'nealian cards, but I have included print cards, too.

These Fall Math Centers are so fun. I LOVE them because you can start using them at the end of September and they last until November! Pumpkins, Scarecrows, Leaves, and more! Students can work on number sense, subitizing, and if they are ready, number sentences. Each activity has hands on learning to keep your class engaged. Many of the centers have recording sheets for accountability.

Are you able to teach Halloween in your classroom? You will LOVE the Spooktober Math and Literacy Centers. There are 11 Math Centers and 4 literacy Centers. Your students will stay engaged in learning
during this crazy Holiday!

Not sure you have time to laminate this weekend? My new Interactive Halloween Math Books are PERFECT for you. All you have to do is print, cut in half, and staple. You can make a class set of all 7 books in less then 30 minutes. You are still getting hands on learning with the color ink and lamination. Each book teaches a Common Core Standard. There are two for Number Sense, Number Writing, One More, Making 3, Making 4, and Making 5.

I JUST added an Interactive FALL Math Book
It teaches the SAME skills as my Halloween Interactive Book, but it has pumpkins, scarecrows, leaves, and sunflowers. My Interactive Fall Math Book is 50% off until Sunday night, like all new products.

Have you snagged your Candy Corn FREEBIE yet??? My kids LOVE this one. They practice building numbers 3-10. Hands on Learning is the best.

Ready for a GIVEAWAY?!?
Three lucky people will win $10 to spend at my store!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Next Stop, is my friend Laura at Differentiation Station Creations.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Markdown Monday

Today, I am linking up with Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten for Markdown Monday!

I have marked down my Year Round Domino Centers to $4! You will get 4 domino centers AND 25 pages of domino printables that can be used all year long.

Are you looking for other fabulous deals? Be sure to go to Kim and Kelly's Kindergarten to see what other teachers are marking down this week.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Candy Corn, Candy Corn {FREEBIE ALERT}

It is that time of year. The air is cool. The leaves are changing. We have pumpkins, candy, and Halloween on the brain. 

EVERY year, you can find Candy Corns at the Target Dollar Spot. I am always making new games to go with them.

Do you kids love roll and cover? They will love it even more with candy corn! There are two versions. This board is for one die. There is also a version for two dice. You can find this in my Spooktober Math and Literacy Centers

We have been working on building numbers. I made this Candy Corn Freebie to help support that concept. Students take a card with some candy corns on it and a number. They add more candy corns to build that number. There are ten frames for the numbers 3-10 and two recording sheets to help differentiate instruction. One recording sheet allows students to color in the ten frame and writing the number. The other allows students to color in the ten frame and write the addition sentence.

You all know how much I love subitizing!  How adorable are these trick-or-treat kids??? Count the dots on the candy corn and match it to the trick-or-treat kid. This also comes from my Spooktober Math and Literacy Centers. 

These adorable Beginning Sound Candy Corns are FREE from Caitlin Clabby at Kindergarten Smiles. I printed it with two pages on one to save on ink.

2016 UPDATE: This is no longer offered as free resource. I found a similar Free Resource HERE.

Caitlin also has these Candy Corn Ten Frames free. She offers them in color and black and white. I choose black and white. I printed on set on white, one set on yellow, and one set on orange. Then I mixed them up so each set has all three color. I LOVE saving on ink!

2016 UPDATE: This is no longer offered as a free resource. Check out this Candy Corn Number Match

Candy Corn Guy Craftivity - Art Project - Craft Project FR

Finally, I found these adorable Trick or Treat Candy Corns. They are a FREE download from Doodle Bugs Teaching. I will post them on Instagram after we make them. I must admit, I am just starting to get into Instagram but I am hooked. Click HERE to follow me on Instagram.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fire Safety Week

This week, the firefighters came to our school. The kids got to see how the firefighters dress. They got to see a firetruck. They EVEN got to crawl through a "smokey house." It was so much fun AND they learned a lot!

We made these adorable firetrucks. They were so easy and the kids thought they were the best thing since peanut butter and jelly. I'm not going to lie...I made up the firetruck in the work room THAT MORNING! It was great for following directions.

1 sheet of red construction paper
1 white paper 1.5x2
1 white paper 3x2
2 yellow strips .75x5
3 yellow strips .75x 2.5
3 black papers 3x3
1 yellow paper 2x2

I modeled step by step how to make it on the document camera.

We made a thinking map about Firefighters and talked about what they can do, what they have, and what they are. Then, they picked one or two things to write. A few of my kids are not ready to write a complete sentence so they just wrote a word or two. The hats were FREE from Cupcake for the Teacher.

We have been working on the word see so this emergent readers was PERFECT. You can get it FREE HERE.

Don't you love these adorable thank you cards? We colored them in the morning and then gave them to the firefighters that came to the school. Mel D-Seusstastic has a whole set of American Hero Printables FREE in her store.

I really like this little video about fire safety. It is less than 5 minutes but provides a lot of information.

Next, we are learning all about spiders. I LOVE OCTOBER!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fabulous Fall Fun {FREEBIES}

Where in the world did September go?
Fall is officially here and our class is having so much fun learning about it.

We talked about the different seasons and made these adorable trees with tissue paper.
You get these trees FREE HERE.

I LOVE these leaf cards. Students take a card and color the pattern. There are two recording sheets. One they just color. On the other, they color and write the number. This comes from my newly updated Fall Math Centers. This center was just updated TODAY. I originally wrote numbers on the leaf cards. I wanted my students to be able tow rite the number so i changed it to letters. Since i had already printed the leaves, I just used whiteout and a sharpie to fix them.

This was another hit. We played with two 0-5 dice and with number cards. Last year, my EA bought me these plastic leaves at Target. I was there this week and they had them again. This activity is also in my Fall Math Centers. This Pack is menat to be used until November. It has leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, squirrels, and fall birds.

We also did fall number stories up to five. I made yellow cards 0-2 and blue cards 0-3. Students turned over one yellow card and one blue card. They placed these leaves from the Dollar Store on there, Then, they wrote the number sentence.  Next week, I will laminate the tress, use the plastic leaves and have this at a center. You can get this FREE HERE.

These acorns were a FREEBIE that I made last year. The kids had fun with them. You can grab them here. 

I am ALMOST done with my FALL Word Work. I just bought MORE Clip Art for it. Hopefully tomorrow it will be posted. Have a WONDERFUL Saturday.