Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fabulous Fall Fun {FREEBIES}

Where in the world did September go?
Fall is officially here and our class is having so much fun learning about it.

We talked about the different seasons and made these adorable trees with tissue paper.
You get these trees FREE HERE.

I LOVE these leaf cards. Students take a card and color the pattern. There are two recording sheets. One they just color. On the other, they color and write the number. This comes from my newly updated Fall Math Centers. This center was just updated TODAY. I originally wrote numbers on the leaf cards. I wanted my students to be able tow rite the number so i changed it to letters. Since i had already printed the leaves, I just used whiteout and a sharpie to fix them.

This was another hit. We played with two 0-5 dice and with number cards. Last year, my EA bought me these plastic leaves at Target. I was there this week and they had them again. This activity is also in my Fall Math Centers. This Pack is menat to be used until November. It has leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, squirrels, and fall birds.

We also did fall number stories up to five. I made yellow cards 0-2 and blue cards 0-3. Students turned over one yellow card and one blue card. They placed these leaves from the Dollar Store on there, Then, they wrote the number sentence.  Next week, I will laminate the tress, use the plastic leaves and have this at a center. You can get this FREE HERE.

These acorns were a FREEBIE that I made last year. The kids had fun with them. You can grab them here. 

I am ALMOST done with my FALL Word Work. I just bought MORE Clip Art for it. Hopefully tomorrow it will be posted. Have a WONDERFUL Saturday.


  1. Thank you so much for the awesome freebies! I can't wait to check out your fall word work :)

  2. So glad I found your blog! I love connecting with other teachers - especially kindergarten! :) Thanks for sharing the fabulous ideas and freebies. We will definitely be using the ten frame match - that will be great for math centers!

  3. These are fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing.. I look forward to doing the trees with my daughter tomorrow.