Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fall Math Warm-Ups and Centers

I cannot believe it is already October! I am still working on balancing being a teacher and a mom three. My poor blog has really taken a backseat this past year! I am excited to share with you how I do math warm ups in my room.

I start every math lesson with a little warm up to get our brains going. I flash a card and ask students how many they see.

You can flash dot cards, ten frames, or dominos and ask students how many they see. This helps with building number sense. Seeing quantities arranged in various patterns is called subitizing. This is essential to teaching math. We have recently started working on one more and one less so after I ask them how many they see, I ask for one more and one less.

The fun part can be in the answer. If you use Eureka or Engage New York, you know there is a special way to count. I have students place their fingers in the correct form next to their head. We call the moose ears.

I also created these stars. Students can hold it with the correct number above their head to indicate how many dots they saw. You can get the stars FREE HERE.

You can also have students build the number on a ten frames. You can get this ten frame FREE in my Math Kit.

I have some great Fall Math Centers that also hit on these same standards. These centers are perfect for September-November.

How cute is this domino scarecrows? This is a class favorite. There is also an addition/subtraction version for differentiation.
If you have any of my math centers, you know I love subitzing. These scarecrows with pumpkins are no different.

We recently started working on one more and one less. This spinner and ten frame activity is a great way to reinforce it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Christmas in July

Who is thinking about Christmas in July???? I know I am! I may or may not be jumping for joy because Hallmark Channel starts Christmas in July on Friday. I am also linking up with some of my favorite teacher buddies for a little Christmas in July SALE and GIVEAWAY.

This summer, I updated one of my first freebies with some new graphics and clip art. This game is perfect for back to school. You can have kids practice rolling and tracing or rolling and writing their numbers. I printed them off on bright cardstock and laminated for a simple center. You can grab this free update HERE

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These are some of my Best Selling Math activities.

Math Exit Tickets Grab these while they are on sale and SAVE over $10!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ten Frame Memory Games

Hello, teacher friends! I hope your summer is off to a great start. Today, I blogged at Kinder Tribe about how use scrapbook paper in my classroom. You can check it out HERE
I made these FREE ten frame and number cards for all seasons and holidays. See how in my post on Kinder Tribe. You can get the FREE CARDS HERE. I wanted to share all the ways I teach my kids to play memory with these cards. To make these games, you'll need to sets of the cards. You'll need 8 sheets of scrapbook paper to make 2 sets.

At the beginning of the year, I start with matching number to quantity. I also like to have kids match quantity to quantity. This is great for number sense.

After winter break, we start to work on sums of 5 and sums of 10. First, I will have students find two ten frames to make five or ten.

Once matching ten frames gets easy, we move on to one ten frame and one number to make five or ten.

By spring, many of my students are ready to work on fluency, so we use 2 numerals to make five and ten. Of course, some kids will not be ready for numerals. You can differentiate by having your lower kids continue to use ten frames. Likewise, your high students may be ready for numerals in January. Remember, you know your kids and their needs better than anyone or any program.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Teaching Sight Words Part One

I have a confession. I have always taught sight words some what randomly. I teach words from the Dolche sight word lists. I teach sight words from the guided reading books I choose. I teach sight words from shared reading. Some kids may know less than 10 words, while others know 100. Yes, my kids always progress, but I felt like what I was doing wasn't student focused enough. I wanted something I could use to teach and assess my kids. I wanted all of my centers to align to what I was teaching. I created my Sight Word Mega Bundle to differentiate how I teach and to make sure my students have FUN learning.

I created my Sight Word Teach and Assess to structure my teaching and keep meaningful data.I took 210 sight words and broke them into groups of 6. There are a total of 35 lists.  Everything is labeled with the list number to make it easy to differentiate

Each student gets their own sight word book. For my high kids, I made books with 10 lists. My lower students have groups with 5 lists. I individually assessed students to see what words they know. They got a sticker if they knew the word. Once I determined what list to start on, I sent a copy of the list and  the sight word cards to practice. 

I sounds students in the same guided reading group also needed to work on the same list of words. I use these in my guided reading groups as a quick warm up. On Monday, we introduce the 6 words. On Tuesday, I will call a color, such as red, and the group will read the red line. For my lower groups, I will read it with them. If the group is ready,on Wednesday, I will read one line as a group, then call an individual student to read a line. If the group is not ready, we'll continue to read it as a group. I always want the kids to feel successful. I also included a sheet to track timed fluency and a spelling list.

I also created four sight word centers that align with my Sight Word Teach and Assess.  First up, is the Sight Word Game Board. Each board has a list number on it so students know which board to get. Students work with a partner. They roll a dice, move a counter that number of spaces, and read the word. This game does go fast, but my kids enjoying to playing it multiple times. 

The second center is Sight Word Crossword Puzzles. Again, each sheet has a number that corresponds to the list number.

Sight Word Rainbow Write is another class favorite. For this, students use a paper clip to spin the color wheel. Then, they color the word that color. 

The last one is Roll a Sight Word. Students roll a dice and practice writing that word. 

Do you LOVE it all like me? You can buy it all in a Sight Word Mega Bundle a SAVE BIG.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Happy 100th Day!!! (Freebies included)

I LOVE celebrating the 100th Day of School. I'm not sure where the idea came from, but whoever thought it up is s GENIUS! It is such a memorable day for kids. As teachers, we can come up with fun, new ways to teach the standards.

I created this amazing Mini Unit for the 100th Day of School.  There are 14 activities to keep you class engaged all day or even all week.

I LOVE this anchor chart for reading 100 books. I have students read to themselves, buddy read, listening center, and teacher stories. If I read a book, I let all of my students record the title because they all heard the story. If they buddy read, both students write down both books. It really isn't hard to get the class to read 100 Books.

My Class LOVED these little books to write 100 words. I also created cards the adorable 100 Cake cards with the first 100 Fry Words. For this activity, in a small group, students pulled a card out of the bucket and wrote it down. Most kids wrote 20 words or less. Next year, I will probably have them write 20 words a day for 5 days, ending on the 100th day.

All the kids read 100 words, in a small group with a parent. I LOVE these books because the kids can take them home and practice reading the words at home. It also includes the first 100 Fry words.

The kids really liked this flipbook for counting by 10's to 100. Each page has ten frames for kids to fill out. By the time they get to the last page, they are 10 10 frames.

How cute are these gumball machine counting by 5's cards and flipbook? For the counting by 5 flip book, I had students fill in the five frames with q-tips. Everything is more fun with a q-tip, right? This was my FAVORITE activity.

Each student also got a 100th Day Workout Book. This was the BEST BRAIN BREAK. Through out the day, I called out different activities, such as toe touches or jumping jacks. Students stopped what they were doing, did ten exercises and then recorded it in their book. When the class started to get a little crazy, this provided a much needed break. LOVED IT!

I ask each student to bring in a small snack to share.You can get this 100th Day snack organizer FREE HERE.

 What 100th day would be complete without a fruit loop necklace? Okay, this is the second year I have done this and it is NOT my favorite. I have tried string and yarn. Both seem to get frayed on the fruit loops. My parent helper kept having to cut the ends. Next year, I will try that stretchy string.

What 100th Day would be complete without a 100th Day hat? I also created certificates to celebrate the 100th day. You can get all 3 of these FREE HERE.

You can get all 14 activities, 100 pages, ON SALE for only $4!!!! Even if you miss the sale, it is only $6. This forever low price is my way of wishing you all a HAPPY 100th DAY!!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Making 5 and 10 FREEBIE

Happy February! I know, it has been awhile. I have been having so much fun in my classroom, but I have not been doing an amazing job at sharing those ideas with you all. That is all about to change though. I am linking up with a group of Kindergarten Teachers for an I Teach K Linky. We all of amazing FREEBIES to share with you. I have a fabulous little FREEBIE to share with you all today.

By the end of Kindergarten, students are expected to fluently add and subtract within 5. We started working on this standard in small groups before Winter Break, but now it is a DAILY MATH CENTER. I have several different games for working on Making 5, but we all know, Kindergarteners get bored of playing the same game. I created this easy to play Four in a Row Game. Students turn over a five frame card and determine how many more they need to make 5. Then, they cover that number space. Whoever gets Four in a Row first wins.

Like many of you, I have Kindergarten students who have already mastered how to Make 5, so  also included Make Ten. This game is easy to prep and it is an ink saver. You can print it out in black and white on any colored paper you may have. You just need to cut the Make 5/Make 10 cards and cut out the squares to cover.

You can grab this FABULOUS FREEBIE in HERE. Please let me know what you think.

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