Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ten Frame Memory Games

Hello, teacher friends! I hope your summer is off to a great start. Today, I blogged at Kinder Tribe about how use scrapbook paper in my classroom. You can check it out HERE
I made these FREE ten frame and number cards for all seasons and holidays. See how in my post on Kinder Tribe. You can get the FREE CARDS HERE. I wanted to share all the ways I teach my kids to play memory with these cards. To make these games, you'll need to sets of the cards. You'll need 8 sheets of scrapbook paper to make 2 sets.

At the beginning of the year, I start with matching number to quantity. I also like to have kids match quantity to quantity. This is great for number sense.

After winter break, we start to work on sums of 5 and sums of 10. First, I will have students find two ten frames to make five or ten.

Once matching ten frames gets easy, we move on to one ten frame and one number to make five or ten.

By spring, many of my students are ready to work on fluency, so we use 2 numerals to make five and ten. Of course, some kids will not be ready for numerals. You can differentiate by having your lower kids continue to use ten frames. Likewise, your high students may be ready for numerals in January. Remember, you know your kids and their needs better than anyone or any program.