Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Winter Crafts

Hello teacher friends! It is a New Year and I am excited to be sharing some new craftivities with you.

How cute are these little kids? I found the blowers at the dollar store. My EA and I hot glued them on. The glitter made it extra special for the kids. I know it can messy (man, I hope my room gets vacuumed tonight!) but the joy it brings the kids is totally worth it.

There is also this adorable Goal Setting page where kids can share four of their goals. You can find get this FREE in my Teachers Pay Teacher Shop HERE.

I also created these three adorable Math crafts for practicing Sums of 5 and Sums of 10.There are three crafts and three matching centers. You can buy these HERE.

For the Mitten Wreath, students add some purple and some blue mittens. There is a circle frame to make it easier for students to line it up. There is a matching ten frame and number sentence to go with this craft.

 The hot chocolate may be my favorite (please ignore the two right mittens, oops!) For the center, they count the marshmallows in the cup and decide  how many more to make ten. For the craft, they start out with ten marshmallows and put some in the blue cup and some in the right cup, then add it up. If you are brave, you could use real marshmallows!!!

The snowglobe is pretty cute. They built the snow globe, added 10 snowflakes with two shades of blue. Then, color the snowman. All of the crafts come with matching centers so students can practice decomposing 10 (or 5) all winter long.

I hope your class enjoys these crafts as much as my class does!!!! I hope to make many more crafts soon.