Sunday, February 18, 2018

100th Day of School Take 2 with New Freebies

When did you celebrate the 100th Day of School??? We recently celebrated...the 101 day of school!!! I was SICK (like really, really sick) on the 100th Day. I left a few simple activities for the sub, but saved the best for when I returned. Our 100th day was on a Friday, so I returned on Monday, at 60% for the 101 day of school.

A few years ago, I created a 100 Day Unit. This year, I wanted to change it up a little, so I updated this oldie, but goodie. If you previously purchased it, you cam download the new version for FREE. You can buy it here. We ran our 100th day with rotations. We did 4 rotations with a parent or teacher at each rotation.

How cute are these cupcakes? The kids LOVED them!!!!

We used glitter glue from the dollar store. The kids LOVED it...But... It was messy. It took forever to finish (the next day for some). Next year, we will use sparkle stickers instead. We will save the glitter glue for another day.

This is one of the NEW activities. 100 Days Brighter - Counting by 10s. Tip- Cut and glue first so there aren't any loose pieces if they don't finish. Our rotions were 20 minutes and 80% of the kids were able to finish this one.

The Fruit Loop Necklace is a classic...and if you have never done it, it is harder than it looks! Be sure to tape down one side of the necklace so that the kids don't accidently DROP it!!!

In the forth group, they made this adorable crown!!! This is an updated version from a previous FREEBIE. You can get this FREE crown HERE. We used Dollar Store Bingo Dabbers to make 100 dots. We took a class photo with all of the kids wearing their crown. We put it in our end of the year books.

We also read 100 Books. No, each kids did not read 100 books, The entire class read 100 books. We did read to self and read with a buddy a few times. Each time a child read a book, they filled out a sheet. When I read a book, each child got to fill out a sheet. By the end of the day, we actually read over 100 books.

We made the classic trail mix. In years past, I have tried to use tiny items (candy, chocolate chips) to fit in the small circle. This year, I had them put one in each circle, add it to the bad, then get the next snack. It worked out so much better. This is also FREE HERE.

At the end of the day, each student got a certificate showing they had completed 100 days.

They also each went home with a glow stick. You can get the star FREE HERE.  Let me knwo if you have any questions. When do you celebrate the 100th Day?

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