Thursday, April 19, 2018

New Spring Math Centers

Spring has officially sprung! The flowers are blooming and the crazy winds are blowing. And, we rapidly approaching the end of Kindergarten. For me, it is bitter sweet. I love spending time with my kids in the summer, but I really love my class this year.

I am so excited about my new Math Centers. I just finished Spring and Garden themed. Earlier this year, I started creating Math activities with 4 Centers in BOTH color and black and white, 4 Exit Tickets (some actually have more), and 4 Printables. They are designed to last you an entire week.

First up, my Spring Math Centers.

 These centers look great if you print them in color or black and white. There is one set for making fives and one set for making tens. There are 4 DIFFERENT Exit Tickets on each page. That way, you don't have to worry about copying or you can use them multiple times. This activity has 4 Exit Tickets for making Five and Four for making ten. You can buy these centers HERE.

 We have been working hard on number bonds. I love this one where the kids roll the dice and fill out the number bond. There is a subtraction version too. You can have students complete an exit ticket daily or weekly
 THIS is my FAVORITE one. How cute is this??? They add up the number expression and place it above the correct answer.

 The 4 printables  are an awesome add on. You can use them for homework, independent practice, or a 5th center rotation.  They are also great if you have a sub. The above all come from my Spring Math centers, which you can find here.

 Do you use Engage New York or Eureka? I made this center because my students need more practice  at complete the number after Module 5. There are card like this for the numbers 5-10. I used flip cards but snap cubes would work too. I might add those next time.

 This Ten frame mat can be used for number building, adding, or subtracting. I have so many spring erasers that I can use with it. Like all of the centers, it comes in color or black and white. I really like it on the bright paper.

 We have been working hard at teen numbers. This one is a great way to get them ready for First Grade.

How cute are these printables??? Seriously, LOVE them. I know our schedule starts to get crazy this time of year. Printables make great fillers when you have limited time.

You can find my Garden Math Centers HERE.

Do you LOVE the idea of having Math Centers, Exit Tickets, and Printables combined??? Check out the GROWING Bundle. Are you a first grade teacher interested in these? I have  First Grade Scarecrow Math Centers, Exit Tickets, and Printables. If you are interested in more, let me know!