Saturday, July 28, 2018

Organize Exit Tickets

Exit Tickets are a great way to quickly assess how well students understand a concept. I have had a  people ask me how I organize my Exit Tickets after students take them. I know some teachers send them home, unless they are collecting data or intervention. I like to keep them. You never know when a student might struggle later. Plus, they are aligned to all of the Common Core Standards which makes report cards easier, I have a few different ideas for you. Hopefully, one will fit your teaching styles. If you haven't bought Exit Tickets yet, now is a good time. For a limited time, I have my ELA Exit Ticket Bundle and my Math Exit Ticket Bundle ON SALE for 50% off.

The easiest way is to give every student a file folder and put them in the folder as students complete them. I try to do 1-2 exit tickets every week for Math and for Literacy. At the end of the grading period, I will use these to help with grades. If the student is doing well and I do not need any additional documentation, I will send these home.

Do your students have a traveling notebook for Math and Literacy? Have students glue them into their notebook. Then, they are organized for the year. If you print them at 85%, you will actually be able to print two at a time. 

Teacher Tip: Did you know you print center recording sheets at 85% as well to glue in their notebook. I check 3-5 notebooks everyday, allowing me to check them all by the end of the week. I can quickly see who understands a concept, and who doesn't.

Thee next two ideas can be used with a pronged folder or a binder, depending on your preferred organization. I would not put this is a binder or folder that goes home everyday. Instead, I would create a data binder or folder at school for each student. In this top picture, I placed them in a page protector. I put all of the Letter Recognition tickets on the bottom and all of the letter recognition on the top. This is how I store mine and I was surprised that they didn't slide down. If you are concerned, put a binder blip at the top and then they won't slip.

Same concept here, except I skipped the page protector and just hole punched them. Hopefully, one of these organizational ideas will help you. Let me know if you have any questions,

I also have Math Centers that come with thematic Exit Tickets specific to each center. As an added bonus, you also get printables.

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