Thursday, August 16, 2018

Free Organizational Ideas for Back to School

My first week of Kindergarten is about to come to an end. We started on Tuesday. The past 3 days have been insanely exhausting. I have a few FREE resources to start your year off a little more organized.

 First, I have these Free How I Get Home Bracelets. Yes, I took the idea from my Brag Tag Bracelets. You can copy them on bright colored paper. Write their bus number on the ones for you bus friends. There is also an organization Teacher copy so you can have the kids names written down in one place. I laminated mine and wrote on it with a sharpie. Yes, sharpie comes off with germ X or a Magic Eraser. Dry Erase markers come off too easy. You can download these FREE HERE.
 Next up, a Free Editable Parent Information sheet. You will need to download two Free Fonts to make it work. The font information is included in the download. You can get it here.

I like to put name tags on all of my kids for the first few days. We do not let Kindergarteners walk around without an adult, but I do worry that one might...get away. I run these back to back to that the teachers name and room number are on the back. Our entire grade level uses these name tags so that all of the teachers and administrators can learn all of the Kindergarteners names. Plus, the kids feel really special when all of the adults know their names. You can download these FREE HERE.

I found these adorable FREE name tags on Teachers Pay Teachers. They are simple yet efficient. If you have HP InstaInk, this is a much better deal then buying them. You can find these FREE Name tags HERE.
 How cute is this FREE Organization List? For Back to School, I need to make a lot of copies. I also think this would be great for an Educational Assistant or Parent Helper.You can find this FREE HERE.

My final Free Resource is AMAZING!!!! There are our information sheets for parents to fill out PLUS a list of classroom procedures. This is liquid gold for a new teacher, but even for me, a veteran teacher, I really liked having all of these listed out for me. You can find this FREE Resource HERE.

I hope this helps you all start the year off right! Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting my name tags. In addition to these free name tags there is a free file folder game with the same visuals. These name tags are based on my product Letter Naming and Sound Fluency: Alphabet Book. It teaches students their letter names and sounds using ASL as a hands on approach. There are a lot of great products that go with these name tags that are wonderful for centers. My students learn their letter names and sounds within the first month of school. Here is a link to the Alphabet Book that they are based on: Have a wonderful school year. I feel honored that you posted my name tag on this blog. I am now a new follower of My Fabulous Class! <3