Saturday, October 20, 2018

Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect can be a tricky lesson to teach. It usually takes students multiple exposures to understand and master it. I want to share with you how I teach it. I use multiple resources, including several read alouds, picture sorts, flip books, and writing.

This Cause and Effect Activity pack has everything you need to teach cause and effect. There are anchor charts, picture sorts, a student flip book, what would happen questions, graphic organizers for any book, discussion questions for any book, Craft and activities for Click, Clack, Moo, and Craft and Activities for Bear Wants More. There is also a suggested reading list with additional books.

This Anchor chart can be displayed on a projection screen or hung up in the classroom. 

 This picture sort will help students to visualize and think about what the cause and effect are. Thisworks great in a pocket chart.

You all know I LOVE flip books! I love how this reinforces the picture sort.

This graphic organizer can be used with any story. Students can draw or write their answer.

  Click, Clack, Moo, Cows That Type is a great book for teaching cause and effect. I have included this craft and graphic organizer, cause and and effect word cards, and a circle map.

I also have a craft, graphic organizer, Thinking Map, and cause and effect cards for Bear Wants More.

There are additional discussion questions that can be used with any book that has a cause and effect.I know your class enjoys all of these activities!

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  1. I was trying to create something like this for my Art and Science class ... spending so much time with clip art. Then I found THIS!! I just bought it on TPT. It's perfect, exactly what I needed for my lesson this week. Thank you!!