Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Needs and Wants

Are you all ready for the holiday season? I am so excited for Thanksgiving with my family...and for BLACK FRIDAY!!! I want to buy a million things, but I need to stick to a budget!!! Do you like how I worked a little needs and wants into there????

I cannot wait to start teaching my Needs and Wants unit!!!! I think the Christmas is the perfect time to talk about needs and wants. I know I can be just as bad as the kids thinking about everything that i WANT! I know that social studies tends to fall to the side these days, but I worry that if we don't teach it to the kids, who will??? Lets face it, a lot of adults struggle to differentiate between needs and wants!!!

This Christmas stocking is a GREAT way to decorate your room this time of year all while teaching important skills- following directions, cutting, sorting (hello, Math!), and they very important social studies lesson of needs and wants.

THIS writing prompt may be my absolute FAVORITE! I included a few different versions, including one wear students can draw their needs and/or wants on the presents or on the trees. There is a blank tree for Kindergartners who may still be drawing and not yet writing (I know, we all have 1 or 2). For the first graders, they can write more. There is even an option to have a separate needs tree and wants tree.

This shopping cart sort is perfect for talking about what you are going to buy at the store. Is it a need or is it a want? You may want a candy cane, but you need fruit.

Of course you need a pocket chart picture sort, complete with definitions.

I love interactive books. For this one, kids read the words, trace need or want, and glue the matching picture. You will also get different writing prompts, and get student's thinking cards. Check out the video preview to see more.

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