Saturday, December 29, 2018

Happy New Year! Math, Literacy, and Crafts

2019 is almost here! Are you so excited??? When i was talking to my Kinders about this before Winter Break, I was surprised how many didn't know what New Years was!!! It will be interesting to see how many know what New Years is when they come back in January. I plan on spending the first week back talking about New Years. We will read books, write resolutions, do crafts, and, of course, all of math and literacy centers will be have a New Years theme. Hopefully, after this year, they will REMEMBER what New Years is all about.

I just gave my New Years Math and Literacy Centers a little makeover. New Clip Art and New Fonts. If you previously purchased this, it you can download the updated version FREE!!! If not, I do have it ON SALE right now.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sentence frames to help Kindergarten students with their writing. There are 18 different picture cards that students may choose from. There is a writing sheet that goes with this or you can download my FREE New Years Craft and Goal Writing sheet.

 We have been working hard at 1 more and 1 less. This activity is a great review after New Years.

There are so many things you can do with these 36 sight words. You can have students pull them out of a bucket and read them. You can have them build them with letter tiles or magnets. A fun differentiated activity is to have students write the word (lower learners) or write the word in sentence (higher students).

Sums of 5 and 10 can be tricky for all students. I always start with the ten frame. Pick a number, build it, then determine how many more to make 5 or 10.

There are 9 different Math and Literacy Centers in all. You can look at the preview to see all the is included. Purchase you New Years Math and Literacy centers HERE.

How cute are these New Year Kids? I originally created this FREE resource last year. I added the blower this year. It is updated for the next several years. You can get this Free Craft HERE. After reading several books on New Years, and doing the Build it Sentences from my New Years Math and Literacy Centers, we wrote about what we wanted to do in 2019. Then, we created this cute craft. I hope you enjoy!

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