Sunday, December 30, 2018

New Year, New Ideas

Coming back in January, I like to think about new ideas to add to my classroom. I think about both academics and behavior management.

Morning Work Buckets have been a GAME CHANGER for me. When I first started using them, back in 2015, I had about 10 bags! You can read all about when I first started using Morning Work Tubs HERE (Hint: There is a FREEBIE for you in that post!) Now, I have about 75 different bags that I can rotate through, thanks to my Morning Work Buckets Bundles. there is a bundle for Kindergarten and a bundle for 1st Grade.

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I have started selling some of the activities individually, for those who do not want to invest that much money. You can find them here.

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Not sure if Morning Work Buckets are right for you? Check out this  FREE sight word for Morning Work.

Year Round Domino Math Centers are a great resource. The centers are differentiated an can be used all year long. There are activities for building number sense all the way to addition/subtraction. There are also several printables that are perfect for subs.

CVC Words are essential in Kindergarten and First Grade. This unit has 8 different activities that are in color and in black and white, to meet you printing needs. You can get these HERE.

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If you are looking for something simple, check out these print and teach CVC Worksheets.
Positive Behavior Management system. Includes a calm down kit and ideas, zones of regulation, cue cards, token board, first then schedule. #kindergarten #specialeducation #autism #socialemotionallearning #sel

Do you need to revisit you Positive Behavior Management this January? Then you NEED my Positive Behavior Management System.  It has everything you needs to teach, support, and reinforce positive behaviors.

Brag Tag Bracelets

Brag Tags may be the easiest way to support Positive Behavior Management in your classroom. I print out a few sheets of these, cut them and clip them, and hand them out...A LOT! I try to make sure everyone gets one every week. There is such a variety, I believe you will even be able to give them out to "that" kid. My class LOVE these and they take so much pride in going home to tell their parents why they earned it (I also write it down on the back). You can buy these here.

Looking for January specific centers? These are a few of my favorite.

Penguin Math Centers, Printables and Exit Tickets

These include 4 centers in color and black and white, 4 printables, and 4 Exit tickets. The worksheets are great for when you have a sub, you need homework, or independent activities. I use them for one of my centers. Exit tickets are a great way to assess how your students are doing and determine what you need to teach them next. I like them to help with report cards and to collect data on students who are struggling.

Winter Math Centers, Printables, and Exit Tickets

Just like my Penguin Math Centers, Printables, and Exit Tickets, these come with 4 centers in color and black and white, 4 worksheets, and 4 Exit tickets, that match the centers. Since the Exit Tickets match the centers, students can use them on Friday and you can asses if they understood what they were independently working on all week.

Students can practice building numbers, decomposing 5, and decomposing 10s. The Target Eraser's make them extra fun.


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