Thursday, January 3, 2019

Hot Chocolate Activities

Baby, it's cold outside. Seriously, we got a lot of snow this past week. We are still on winter break, so we haven't missed any school. My kids have asked for asked for hot chocolate.
I started to think, I should make a hot chocolate craft for my class when I get back to work. I started to think about my hot chocolate Math and Literacy of my first products... and I decided to give that product an update.

My Hot Chocolate Math and Literacy Centers are a January staple in my classroom. I changed some of the fonts and clip art AND, I added a new craft. If you have previously purchased this, you can DOWNLOAD the updated file free!

 We have been working hard with our sums of 5. This adorable game can be a simple matching game or students can lay all of the card upside down and play memory.
   Each number card has three marshmallow card with different patterns. Do you have students that need adaptive tasks? Just add Velcro and you can put this in a task box.

Eek - after taking this picture, I realized I desperately need new dice. I love the big foam dice from the Dollar Tree because they don't make all that noise when kids roll them. Over the years, they have clearly been stabbed with pencils. A LOT! But....How cute do the Target snowflakes look on this toll and cover game? You can also get flat marbles from the Dollar Tree that would look like marshmallows. Feeling really brave? You could use real marshmallows...but don't be surprised when they all go m

These cups come in the number 1-20. You can easily differentiate your activities by putting them in different color baskets. 1-10 in blue, 11-20 in red. Tell some kids to work from blue and some to work from read.

Number bonds or part part whole are an important part piece in most programs. These adorable mugs make it more fun and hands on. There is a mat with just the mugs for students who aren't ready for the number equation. There is also an addition mat and a subtraction mat. Perfect for differentiation!

This is a great sight word game.  Students take a card and spin the wheel. They have to read the card, build the word, write the word, or switch the word card with a friend. My class loves this part. There are fun cards for extra turn and lose a turn to make it feel more like a game and not just work. I like to put the cards in a cute snowman bucket.

These CVC mugs are also differentiated to work on beginning, middle, or ending sounds. Students write the missing letters with expo markers.

This is the new writing craft that I added. As I said before, if you already bought these activities, you can download it again to get this NEW Craft. As you all know, I LOVE crafts. This is an easy craft where students write about how to make hot chocolate. I included picture cards that can be used to introduce the craft in a pocket chart.

Do you want MORE Winter Crafts? Check out my Winter Math Crafts and you will find this adorable Hot Chocolate Math Craft.

If you read my blog often, you know I like to share FREE resources with you all!!! This is a simple Math Mat where students can practice adding and subtracting. I have included a Color and Black and white version to meet you needs. You can get it here.

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