Monday, May 6, 2019

End of the Year

I can't believe there are only 13 days left this year!!! There is so much to do. We are finishing our Mother's Day Crafts. We are practicing for Graduation. I should probably start thinking about report cards. I want to do a million fun more activities with my class. I want to go to bed at 8:00! Did I mention I am 21 weeks pregnant? Aww, end of the year fun.

I have a few ideas that will hopefully help make your life easier this time of year.

First up, I just created these End of the Year Printables.  I understand how busy this time of year is. I understand that you may not be prepping a week a two in advance anymore. I understand that you may have NO IDEA what you are going to teach tomorrow. It happens. This packet has 33 print and go pages. NO PREP needed. There are activities for literacy centers, writing centers, and math centers. They are all fun and meaningful. They have a summer theme that your class will love. Like all new products, they are 50% off for 48 hours.

I shared this Memory Book on Instagram and Facebook recently. I love listening to how kids remember their school year. As a parent, these are the kind of keepsakes I will treasure forever. Plus, it is fairly independent. We work on this 1-2 pages at a time. I put the pages we are going to work on under the projector. Kids take turns sharing what they want to write and draw. Then, they go back to their seats and work.  At the end, the kids get to share on the projector.

Finally, I created these End of the Year Awards for you all. They are perfect for any end of the year ceremony you do. There are 35 different awards in both color and black and white to meet your printing needs. They are an easy way to make sure every child in room knows how special they are. 

What are your end of the year plans????