Monday, July 1, 2019

Assessment Data Punch Cards

How are you at collecting data? Truth. It has been a struggle for me. Yes, I am a Special education Teacher and I KNOW the importance of collecting meaningful data, but I am always struggling with an easy way to do it. I have tried using post its. It was a mess. I have tried complicated student binders that held SO MUCH data, I got lost in it all and I could not keep up with it. This last school year, I created two resources that helped me tremendously by simplifying it. One, these Assessment Data Punch Cards. Two Assessment Data Binders, which I will share more on soon.

Last summer, I created two of the seven Assessment Data Books. I created Letter Identification and  Sight Words. The idea behind it was simple. Once a week, I would assess students on their letters and their sight words.  If they could read the letter or the word, I would give them a punch. You can also use stickers or have students color it in, if you do not have  a star punch. When they had 5 punches, I would know that they had mastered it. I did not want to overwhelm students, so I started with the just the letters they knew, and then added in letters as they were formally introduced. I wanted students to feel successful. Some students know all their letters after 6 weeks, while others still may not know them after 6 months. I always want kids to feel successful.

I was so happy with how easy this was to keep up with. It gave me great data for IEP Goals, Report Cards, RTI, and Parent Teacher Conferences. Best part, I USED them. Each of my students has a drawer for their guided reading books, dry erase boards, math tool kits, etc. so I had students add this to their drawers. I think the most important part of data collection is to find something YOU WILL USE!

Does this sound like something you might like but you aren't sure? I have a Free Sample for Number Recognition that you can try before you buy. See if it is something you like and will use.

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These are the products I used to create these punches. If you click on the photo, it will take you to an Amazon Affiliate Link where I will receive a small commission for sharing.

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