Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Halloween Centers

It is a that spooky time of year. There is a chill in the air, and your students are starting to feel the holiday season. I like to use themed activities this time of year because it keeps students engaged a little more.

I love Halloween Math and Literacy Centers. I always suggest you model each activity before students use them. Then, they should be independent. I use mixed groups for my centers so there are high students that can help the low student at every activity. At this time of the year, we are focusing on number sense, letters, and beginning sounds. For the beginning sounds 4 in a Row, I will go over the picture sounds and what beginning sound everyday before centers. This only takes a minute or two and it will avoid interruptions during my guided reading groups with students asking, "What is this?"

Do you have these Frankenstein erasers from Target yet? they have them every Halloween (usually in September, and they sell fast). I bought a set a few years ago and designed this subitizing game to go with it. Last year, I bought a new set. This is such a popular game, the erasers took a beating (and several went missing).

The Haunted house Ten Frame is fun because you can use a variety of Halloween erasers with it. I just love the skull erasers, but I also have ghost and candy that I use with it. I will put the letter witches in a pocket chart and the beginning sound cauldrons in a cute Halloween tin. This makes for a great whole group activity. usually do it as a whole group activity a few times before I have the students do it. You can find all of these activities here and ON SALE.

This FREE Spider Ten Frame game is always a hit. You can have students work on sums of 5 or sums of 10. The spider manipulativies are included because I can NEVER find spider erasers!!! I know they are out there. I have seen them on Pinterest, but never in the store.

If you follow me on Instagram @myfabulousclass you saw this yesterday. (Yes, I have been working on this post for 24 hours, thanks to a fussy 8 week old).These spider webs are editable so you can type in students names or sight words. Then, you can type in the letters on the spiders. You will need to download the free font KGWhatATeacherWants. Or, save time, and print it blank, and have students write it in. You get this FREE HERE.  Since Halloween is on a Thursday this year, I will carry this theme in through the 1st. Next week, I will do some more pumpkins before I start with Scarecrows. I love turkeys, but Thanksgiving is late this year.

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