Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Turkey Teaching Ideas

Gobble, Gobble, it's almost time for turkey. I love Thanksgiving. I enjoy spending time with my family, focusing gratitude, and of course, yummy food!

I love turkey crafts. Okay, I LOVE all crafts. Crafts are great for fine motor skills, listening and speaking skills, and they provide a keepsake for parents. As a mother of 4, I cherish keepsakes, but I have noticed a lot of classes no longer make crafts. Breaks my heart.

Hand print crafts are the BEST! If you follow me on Instagram @myfabulousclass you saw that I made this adorable turkey with my son Jonas. I hot glued popsicle sticks into a triangle. Then, he colored them brown. I traced the triangle on brown paper for the face and I traced his hand three times for the feather tail. Then, he glued on the eyes, the beak, and the waddle onto the triangle. He glued the triangle to the popsicle sticks (just with a glue stick) and he glued on the feathers. Super simple, super cute.
Big sister came home and made hers all  by herself.

Do you ever write down what you a grateful for? I always say i am going to do it everyday. I usually do it for a few days and then stop for a few weeks. It always makes me feel better when i do it and I think it is important that we teach children to be grateful. Thanksgiving naturally lend itself to a nice time to write about what you are grateful for.I shared this FREE Turkey Writing Craft a few years ago on Kinder Tribe. It's a simple craft. Cut a standard size (8.5x11) paper in half. Then, fold that in half, like a card. On the outside, add eyes, a beak, and a waddle. Did you know you can get google eyes at Dollar Tree? On the back glue the feathers. Inside, have students write or draw about their favorite part of Thanksgiving or what they are thankful for. You can get the writing template and feathers free here.

My Making Ten Turkey was one of the FIRST crafts I ever made and sold. It got a face lift a few years ago. Not only does it make for a great bulletin board, it teaches Math Skills!!! Put that in your lesson plans! There is not only a craft, but there is a shake and spill game, too. You can practice sums of 5 or sums of 10. You can get this craft and the game here.

If you have been following me for awhile, you know I love sensory bins. I made this on with leaves and a mini hay bale from the Dollar Tree. I also added mini pine cones and acorns from Hobby Lobby. The turkeys are actually a File Folder Game that you can get for a dollar here. Students can match lower case letters to lower case letters, upper case to upper case, or upper case to lower case. Students can also find the letters to build their name or build sight words. 

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