Sunday, March 15, 2020

Home Learning

Hello teachers and parents. Like many of you, I will be home with my children for the next several weeks. I want to provide teachers and parents with some ideas of activities that can done from home. Teachers, fill free to share any of these resources with your parents via email or send them to this webpage. You can find me on Instagram @myfabulousclass or on Facebook at

Lets take a look at some activities you can do at home. I have some ideas for hands on learning, as well as simple printables. These activities comes from my Morning Work Buckets. For the month of March, I am offering these select activities FREE. I just ask that you do not share them on a public webpage. These are great for hands on learning and I believe parents can complete them at home. As I do additional activities at home with my children, I plan to share those activities with you. If you want to purchase the full version of any of the products, I have put them 50% off for the month March.

 Race to write sight words. This is meant to be a partner games, but children can play it by themselves or with a friend. Children take a card and roll a dice. They write the word as many times as they roll.

Rainbow writing is always a classroom favorite. Children take a card and write it on the rainbow.

 Children get to break out their creative side with these fancy words.  After they write the word, they get to decorate the word box and make it fancy.
Build the sight word is a simple activity kids can do. I have included everything you to complete these activities FREE HERE. Want more easy ideas for sight word cards? Follow me on Instagram @myfabulousclass  You can purchase my entire Morning Work Buckets HERE for 50% off.

This is a FREE Morning Work Activity that I have in my store. There is a little more prep work with this one, but I think it is worth it. It is differentiated to include dots, ten frames, and numbers. You can get it here.

This is another Math Activity that I have Free in my store. Children can make 5 or make 10 with these connect 4 boards. Since most parents do not have a laminater, I would suggest they copy all of these activities on to cardstock.

Now I know for some parents, print and teach is the way to go. I put together a packet for you to send home to parents. If you are already out of school, you can direct them to this webpage to download.

This packet includes parts of all of these products. There are 5 sight word pages, 5 Cut and Paste Sentences, 8 CVC pages, and 10 Math Pages. You can download it FREE HERE. If you are interest in the full product for any of these, I have them listed at 50% off for the month of March. You can find them here.  These activities are no longer free but you can purchase them in my store.